OEM car parts guide: quality that pays off immediately!

OEM car parts guide: quality that pays off immediately!

Many car enthusiasts use car parts of no-name brands for financial reasons, their surprisingly cheap purchase price only made possible through inferior quality. Only car parts from the original manufacturer and his suppliers, so-called OEM car parts, invest in traffic security and durability.

Years of car use are a costly enterprise. In addition to fuel, car insurance and vehicle tax, repairs due to wear and spare parts cause unavoidable expenses for the safe and unproblematic use of the car.

Why it is important to use OEM car parts

A car is a complex, high-grade machine with an increasing amount of technology and parts installed in it. Drivers and car owners expect the highest dynamics and safety from their car in combination with the best comfort and other conveniences.

oem car partsCar components must be optimally tuned for the best performance. Very often the devil is in the detail. The installation of spare parts from different manufacturers over time impairs the car’s performance and contributes to its progressive devaluation.

When it comes to replacing spare parts, the actual problem lies in buyers only looking at the price. Often, they do not take into consideration the fact that many manufacturers of presumed replica parts achieve their conditions only through cheap mass production in Asia. Although the corresponding parts are tested at import in Europe and are required to meet a minimum standard for market introduction, no buyer has a full guarantee of every separate part having been explicitly tested and meeting all strict standards. Measurement deviations of only a few millimetres which do not show at installation have an impact on the operative quality of the car and in the worst case increase the accident risk: a problem for car owners and all other traffic participants!

Timely actions with a professional car check

oem branded partsThe technical condition of the car being ignored for months constitutes another risk. Even though checks are regulated by periodical MOT inspection, in between checks extensive wear might occur. Several factors influence this development requiring an intermediary check, such as:

– high weekly/monthly mileage
– excessively dynamic and aggressive driving
– adverse external influences such as moist, snow and low temperature
– driving on bumpy terrain

If one or more of these factors apply, checking the car every six months is recommended as well as visiting a professional garage, where the car is checked according to a fixed scheme and level, following clear reference values in its measurements. Just as for buying OEM car parts, the garage of your own car manufacturer should be the preferred address. This is the place with the right experience for directly focusing on the known problem areas of the corresponding car in reference to its age. If during the check weak points show, there is no immediate necessity for investing in original parts, which nowadays can be ordered much cheaper in the internet.

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Improve safety in all traffic situations

Contributing to general traffic safety is by far the most important argument for investing in OEM car parts, not only accommodating all other traffic participants, but also benefiting the car owner on several levels. By installing OEM car parts, confidence in the car’s condition increases and therefore there is no cause for concern when driving at higher speed. This applies especially to brand quality brake discs and pads, being some of the main wear parts. Only investing in brand new OEM-quality brake discs guarantees the shortest braking distance, protecting against serious accidents and saving lives. oem quality for carOther wear parts, from shock absorbers to windshield wipers as well as other minor equipment contribute to the comfort and ease of operation. Driving comfort greatly depends on road holding, the view and the steering performance, which is kept at its highest level with OEM parts. When they are optimally tuned, they slow down general wear of the car. Engine technology and propulsion benefit by OEM car parts. When you consider that optimal performance considerably decreases fuel costs, you will no longer avoid purchase of OEM car parts for financial reasons.

Extend the life span of your car

original car partsGenerally, every investment in the car has a positive effect on its life span. In case of larger investments in the gearbox or engine, car owners consider if the expense is worthwhile, or if purchase of a new car is a better option. The consideration is clear: If you invest in your car with new parts, you intend to drive it for a longer period in view of the return of your investment. Unfortunately, this consideration often does not include the question of original parts and inferior replica parts.

Choosing something other than OEM car parts offers little guarantee regarding material quality and durability. The benefit of replica parts often occurs through inferior manufacture, leading to quicker component wear and provoking untimely replacement. Furthermore, the installation of these parts have a negative impact on the general performance, causing the application of more engine power for the same power transmission onto the road, resulting in quicker deterioration. Additional costs are pre-programmed. This risk can be reduced by trusting in branded products from the car manufacturer and his suppliers.

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Of course, costs are relevant when purchasing car parts. No car owner wants to pay an unnecessary high price. Nevertheless, nowadays, good opportunities exist to combine the condition of highest quality with an attractive purchase price. As in many cases this leads to the internet and to suppliers, specialised in the supply of OEM-quality car parts.

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