Not a nonsense – the qualities of perforated brake discs

Not so nonsense – the qualities of perforated brake discs

Disc brakes on all four wheels are now standard on modern cars. Drum brakes only serve as a parking brake. Even in compact cars, masses in motion and engine performance are too high for simple drum brakes to guarantee safe braking. Yet, the problem applying to all brakes has a name: brake fade.

Preventing brake fade with high-performance brakes

brake disc fadeBrake fade is the loss of braking effect due to accumulated heat in the brake system. If the heat which is generated by a braking manoeuvre cannot be diverted quickly enough, a dangerous situation occurs: the brake disc temperature approaches the melting point and the friction between the brake lining and the brake disc is significantly impaired.
drum brake fadeIn drum brakes, this often leads to total failure. But also simple, unperforated and one-piece brake discs can cause brake fade. Here too, the cause is the inadequate diversion of accumulated heat.

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Perforated brake discs: be careful and make the right diagnosis

Generally, standard installed brakes are adequate for ordinary use. Even exceptional situations such as long drives downhill are taken into account by manufacturers at construction. The steel of a brake disc has a melting point of 1400°C. You have to brake for a very long time to reach it.

If a short-term failure of the brake system occurs at normal use, it is probably not caused by brake fade. In this case, a defect in the hydraulic system is more likely.
change brake fluidThe most evident cause is brake fuel being too old, accumulating too much water. This can be checked with a test strip. If the brake fluid has already turned green, you can save yourself the trouble – the brake fluid must be replaced immediately and the brake system thoroughly vented. Another cause for a sudden loss of brake pressure can be a rupture of the brake line.

Therefore: when the brake becomes unsafe, immediately start looking for the cause. With normal use, brake problems are hardly ever caused by construction faults.

Higher speed, more heat

optimize brake discsWhen the car is pushed to its limits and driven on the racecourse, the standard one-piece brake disc can reach its limits too.

What applies to brakes is the cooler the better.

Therefore engineers continuously work on optimising braking conditions with innovative discs.

One of the options is the perforated brake disc.


Perforated brake discs: More than just holes

advantages of perforated brake discsIt would be too easy to just drill a few holes in the one-piece brake disc and hope for any effect. We have to disappoint the user hereconstructing a heat-optimised brake disc takes a lot of ingenuity.

The perforated brake disc can be seen as the next evolutionary step of the internally ventilated brake disc. Although one-piece brake discs can be optimised with slits and holes. These are only allowed on the rear axle and primarily serve optical effects as they cannot be distinguished on sight from the highly strained front-axle brake discs.
internally ventilated brake discsThe internally ventilated brake disc is a highly complex component. It is constructed in such a way, that during driving air is sucked in through the hub and blown outwards through channels within the brake disc. The air flows over the heated disc, taking the accumulated heat with it.

An internally ventilated brake disc is effective without perforation, too. However, if the brake disc is equipped with minutely placed holes, several positive effects occur:

– optimising heat diversion
– less brake disc abrasion
– weight reduction of the brake disc
– a sporty, dynamic accent for the car.

Nevertheless, even complex structured internally ventilated and perforated brake discs are solely made of grey cast stell, which makes them amazingly cheap. get your Bosch brake pads inexpensively

Disadvantages of perforated brake discs

Disadvantages of perforated brake discsWith the many advantages of perforated brake discs, you would almost not believe that they can have some disadvantages too. Unfortunately, where is light, there is shadow.

For perforated brake discs, higher wear of the brake linings is the main disadvantage. The structured surface of a perforated brake disc works like a grate, wearing brake linings considerably faster than a smooth, one-piece brake disc.

Should you be willing to install perforated brake discs on your car, take into account that you will need to replace the brake linings twice as often. Fortunately, this maintenance is very simple and can quickly be learned.

Be sure to check approval

Perforated brake discs in certified brand qualityA perforated brake disc is a highly strained component, which has been structurally weakened. This makes the high quality of construction and finishing necessary. If you are interested in this dynamic and efficient feature, be certain not to economise on the wrong end: perforated brake discs should always be purchased in certified brand quality.

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Therefore, high-grade brand products generally come with a universal certification. Additionally entering the conversion in the registration documents of the car is not necessary for most manufacturers.

Perforated brake discs: Mind the rotating direction

rotating direction of the internally ventilated brake discs

  • Particularly important for ventilated brake discs is their installation in the right direction. The air is sucked in by the hub and directed outwards.
  • If they are installed the wrong way around, the opposite happens: the cold air is sucked in right outside of the brake disc, heated on its way through the disc and densely blown inwards.
  • This causes the development of heat accumulation on the caliper, axle sleeve or ball joint. These components contain a certain amount of rubber, weakening as a result of permanent heating and aging quickly as a consequence.

read the perforated brake discs manual prior to installation

  • Perforated or not, to every conversion or installation of internally ventilated brake discs applies: read and understand the manual thoroughly prior to installation and before unscrewing the first bolt. Only then you are certain of a successful repair, giving you the desired performance upgrade for your car.

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