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For a quiet and safe driving experience The exhaust system is a simple, yet very important component of the car. It doesn't just safely lead exhaust gases from the engine away from the vehicle, but also plays an important role in emission control through the catalytic converter and lambda sensor. Brackets made of heat-resistant rubber are used for secure mounting of the exhaust system. Exhaust system components The vehicle's exhaust system begins at the manifold gasket and ends at the tailpipe. In between are:

    - Manifold - Flex pipe - Catalytic converter with lambda sensor - Center silencer if necessary, otherwise exhaust pipe - Silencer - Tail pipe if necessary
Furthermore, several rubber brackets are also used to mount the exhaust system to the bottom of the vehicle. The exhaust system mounting kit includes these rubber brackets plus various clips and spacers. It is usually supplied with a new complete exhaust. However, it is rare for an entire exhaust to become defective, thus individual components are often purchased separately. To ensure their correct installation, the trade offers this mounting hardware as a complete set. Wear and tear on an exhaust system Exhaust systems carry the hot exhaust gases from the engine to the outside. As a result, they become very hot. Once the car cools down again, condensation forms on the inside of the exhaust system. This effect is particularly pronounced during winter months. This can be seen in the form of white water vapor exiting from the exhaust for a few minutes when driving. The extreme temperature changes, permanent entry of moisture, grit and salt from the road heavily strain the exhaust system. Exhaust system brackets also suffer over time. They, too, are exposed to the changes in temperature and weather conditions. Also, the brackets must constantly absorb the vibrations of the exhaust. Thus there are two design approaches for exhaust systems: The component is either constructed to survive a car's entire life, or a low-cost solution is chosen, which may however require several replacements. One example of a durable construction is an exhaust system made from stainless steel. This is extremely expensive and exceeds the benefits by far. The elements of an exhaust system are easily accessible and easy to replace. Therefore, the cheaper option is more commonly selected by the manufacturer. Repairing the exhaust system The exhaust system mounting kit essentially consists of various rubber elements. These may be simple loops. Yet, when it comes to highly strained areas, thick rubber buffers are used. The replacing of the rubber elements is very easy: The cooled exhaust is lifted up a bit, the old element is removed and the new bracket installed. A porous exhaust rubber is considered a deficiency during the general inspection. Damage to the brackets is visible, in severe cases even audible. The exhaust is at an unusually low position, far from the vehicle. Since its vibration absorbing capability is no longer guaranteed, the exhaust may hit the ground or the vehicle's underside. This causes loud knocking noises. A short-term solution is tying the exhaust pipe with wire. However, fabric, cable or plastic ties are not suitable for this, as the high temperatures in the exhaust will immediately burn through such materials.
Light leaks at the crossing points between the individual components of exhaust system occur frequently. These will cause soot formation or a loud engine noise when driving. Here, the spacers from the installation kit can provide a quick remedy. They are simply placed over the leak and screwed tight. This solution is also fine for passing the general inspection. Mounting kit prices The mounting kit is one of the cheapest replacement parts available for a car. Dimensional accuracy and quality requirements are relatively low, thus inexpensive offers can be taken advantage of. Especially in older vehicles which are likely facing their last general inspection can be kept ready for use using such low-cost solutions. Depending on the size and quality, an exhaust system mounting kit costs between 8 and 30 euro. The more expensive offers are usually those that include spacers.
However, all components found in a mounting kit can also be bought from the accessory trade individually. Depending on the specific case, one must decide which solution is better. Hobby mechanics who permanent face vehicles in need of repair might find mounting kits useful, as they are left with spare parts for future use.

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