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The front silencer is part of the exhaust system. Alternatively it is called pre-silencer or middle silencer. It is situated in the middle pipe of the exhaust and pre-reduces the noise of the engine. Together with the end silencer the noise of the engine is further reduced to a very low level. This makes the silencer specifically useful for technically loud engines. Cars with a large cylinder capacity, high performance or diesel drive are very often equipped with a middle silencer. Function of an exhaust silencer Irrespective of its position, an exhaust silencer always functions according to the same principle: it consists of a closed box with an exhaust pipe leading into it. Sideways, a pipe is leading out of the same box. The exhaust finds its way along the airstream. The sound on the other hand expands bullet-wise. The noise entering the box by the inward pipe only partly finds its way into the outward pipe. The remaining noise is transformed into vibrations, causing the silencer to slightly oscillate. Expensive durable solution vs cheap spare part In case of exhaust systems, controllers and manufacturers have a decision to make: principally these parts can be constructed in such a way that they last a car's life span. To do this, the entire system needs to be constructed in stainless steel with a minimum thickness of 0,5 millimetres. This is often realised in particularly high-grade vehicles, like super sports cars. For a common serial family car, stainless steel exhaust systems are way too expensive. On the other hand, exhaust systems suffer a great deal of strain: permanent hot-cold cycles, aggressive gases, condensing moisture and acid mixes of combustion residue and moisture greatly affect the exhaust pipes. Additionally they suffer from external influences such as road salt in winter. The high temperatures gradually dissolve sealing layers of the metal parts. An exhaust system has a thin zinc layer. More protection against corrosion is not possible. Corrosion of the exhaust system therefore cannot be prevented. For this reason, manufacturers try to keep these components as cheap as possible. Life span of a front silencer The life span of a front silencer is exactly as long as the entire exhaust system. Save from the manifold and the Y-pipe, all silencers and pipes have relatively thin walls. Depending on how many extremely cold winters the car experienced, the life span can be up after 3 – 5 years. A defective front silencer makes itself clearly heard: engine noise getting louder all the time is an indication of a leak in the silencer. Repairing a silencer? You can always try to seal the hole in the middle silencer by welding. Generally this is a mere waste of money. A corroded silencer should be replaced. Because all silencers are similarly affected by the weather, the end silencer will be in no better condition. Because the flexible part is the cheapest of all exhaust system components, simultaneous replacement of this part is worthwhile. Uncritical component If there is any set of spare parts, where quality compromises can be made, it is the exhaust silencer. If the car is in its last MOT period, installing a high-grade exhaust makes no sense. The differences between budget and OEM-quality solutions are not too big in the case of silencers. Prices vary mainly according to car type: a budget front silencer for a Renault Trafic costs 28 euro (£24). For a G-class Mercedes, a high-grade part could cost up to 160 euro (£140). OEM-quality without compromises We consider ourselves supplier of car parts as they are found in new cars. With OEM-quality car parts we offer you the necessary operational security you need for a safe use of your car. Quiet driving and a reassuring feeling on occasion of MOT inspection are guaranteed with the front silencers in our assortment. With an intact exhaust system, driving is a pleasure. This especially applies to longer tours: instead of an annoying drone, you only hear the gentle hum the manufacturers intended for your car.

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