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More performance, less noise with a middle silencer

The middle silencer, an exhaust component, is centrally located in the exhaust piping before the end silencer. Implementation of the middle silencer makes the car considerably quieter.

The path of sound

You wouldn't notice how noisy an engine is until the exhaust flex pipe gets damaged. The noise created by average combustion, even in smaller engines, is infernal. To prevent driving from becoming a deafening affair, plenty of development is involved in noise reduction. The silencer or muffler is a cheap and technically simple module to this end. The sound develops at combustion of the fuel-air mix in the combustion chamber. An explosion presses the engine piston down in its cylinder and causes the propulsion of the car. The burned gas is subsequently pressed into the exhaust via the outlet valve. If the exhaust would be a single straight tube, the explosion would cause a bang at the end of the exhaust system. Physically, a bang is compressed air. The aim of the exhaust muffler is the dispersion and reduction of this sound.

Exhaust silencer construction

Technically a silencer is a very simple module: it consists of two pipes and a tin can. One pipe enters the can, the other one goes out, positioned at an angle, overlapping each other partly inside the can. The exhaust gas from the engine can easily flow from one pipe into the other. Sound can only move forward. It enters the silencer via the incoming pipe, causing it to vibrate slightly. The gas reaches the outgoing pipe, but only a minor part of the sound does. The more silencers are placed in a row, the quieter the engine becomes.

Middle silencer as a wear part

An exhaust suffers a considerable amount of stress. To start with, it is thoroughly shaken although the flex pipe disengages it from the engine vibrations. Sound emissions and movements of the car continuously affect it. The pipe heats up as well. Up to 60% of the engine's energy is released into the environment through the exhaust temperature. Technically there is no other option. When the car is parked, the exhaust is additionally affected; by cooling off, it attracts moisture from the air, condensing on the inside. The exhaust piping is permanently attacked on two fronts by rust: internally as well as externally. Sooner or later this causes the exhaust system to completely rust through. The thin-plated muffler is affected sooner than the relatively thick-layered centre piece. Exhaust construction leaves car manufactures simply no choice: if they would build the exhaust extremely robust and durable, only high-alloy steel would be eligible. This metal is strong and lasting, but would make the car at least £ 1000 more expensive. For this reason, exhaust systems are principally built as wear parts.

Life span of a middle silencer

The life span of a middle silencer depends for a great deal on the driving style. In a car used in winter, the exhaust rusts considerably quicker than in a "summer vehicle". Frequently driving short distances with a permanent temperature change from hot to cold speeds up rust development. The average life span of an exhaust silencer is 4 – 5 years. A defective middle or end silencer is immediately noticed: the car becomes louder and louder. We recommend immediate replacement. Welding the silencer is often not rewarding, its metal being too thin. This specifically applies if it is already affected by corrosion. A new middle silencer can be obtained for 30 EUR (c. £27), and only therefore, welding would be hardly worthwhile in an economic sense.

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