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Inexpensive illuminants for the car: Incandescent lamps Incandescent lamps, also termed "light bulbs" or "incandescent lights", are light sources found all over a vehicle. The classic design of the vacuum-tube with a filament is increasingly being replaced by LED components. There's a good reason for this, as LEDs clearly increase vehicle safety. See and be seen The lights on or in a vehicle fulfill two basic functions: They serve signal effect inside and outside, and they improve the orientation of the vehicle's driver and occupants. All lamps on the instrument panel, external turn signals and the rear lights are considered signal lamps. They serve to pass on information, but do not have an active lighting effect. Orientation lights are the headlight, high beams and the interior lighting. This includes the classic lamp on the roof liner. However, illumination of the foot space, the glove compartment and the trunk is common in many vehicles today. Lamp design A lamp in and on the vehicle is always located behind a cover and held in place by a bracket. The lamp is supplied with power via a connection to an electrical line. This power supply is either triggered or interrupted via an automatic or a manual switch. Disadvantages of classic incandescent lamps The light bulbs, which were the only option until recent times, consist of a small vacuum tube mounted on a metal base. Inside the vacuum tube is a coiled, ultra fine tungsten wire, that is heated up until it glows. Thus the bulb is called incandescent, meaning it emits light as a result of being heated. The problem is that the vacuum tube only has a limited life. Especially in the outdoor area, many harmful influences affect the bulb: They are exposed to constant vibrations and must withstand high temperatures. As soon as the light bulb's glass is damaged, oxygen enters it and the filament immediately burns out. Better in every way: LED lamps With exception of the headlights and highbeams, there's an alternative for every incandescent light present on the vehicle: LED lamps have many advantages over incandescent bulbs. In vehicles, this especially concerns their vastly improved reliability. A classic light bulb on a vehicle had maximum life of five years, usually far less. This doesn't merely result in dangerous situations when, for example, brake lights fail. In many countries, driving a vehicle with defective lighting results in serious fines. Usage of LED lamps mostly prevents such consequences.
Furthermore, LED lamps also have significantly lower energy consumption than classic light bulbs. This means that they produce less heat while achieving the same light output. This allows LED lamps to shine far brighter than their classical predecessors. Thus upgrading to LED is particularly useful when it comes to the instrument panel. "Turn the night into day".
However, be cautious when it comes to exterior lighting: The conversion to LED is a structural change of the vehicle in which only approved light sources may be used. In some countries, far brighter daytime running lights are permitted than in Germany. Thus, use of a non-approved LED for daytime running lights can entail legal consequences, even in our country. Grace period for the incandescent lamp: The headlights Currently, two systems are available for use as headlights, which mainly differ in one aspect: Their price. Extremely expensive xenon headlights are the only alternative to classic incandescent lamps currently available on the market. LED headlight as an upgrade to incandescent lights are not yet available at this time. Until the LED alternatives become ready for production, the low-cost, high-performance H4 light bulbs remain without alternative. Conversion where possible, quality where necessary LED lights are still slightly more expensive than the extremely inexpensive incandescent luminaires when it comes to signaling equipment and interior lighting. However, LEDs have now become so affordable, that replacing burnt out bulbs with LED bulbs is highly recommended. Thus Far, it is not sensible to replace headlight bulbs with LED alternatives. Thus, it is extremely important to select a brand manufacturer to ensure optimal illumination of the road and the vehicle.

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