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Double-acting safety module: The ABS control unit The ABS control unit is a safety-relevant component on a car. It controls the anti-lock braking system, which serves to maintain the maneuverability of a car in case of an emergency stop. The module consists of an electronic and hydraulic part. It is quite easily accessible and easy to remove. Yet, its repair is expensive. The ABS control unit in cars is sometimes also referred to as "Hydraulic power unit". In trucks, the ABS is pneumatic. What is an ABS? ABS means anti-lock braking system. It is a safety feature for a vehicle's brakes. In case of an emergency stop, the wheels may lock on slippery surfaces or at too high speeds. Herein lies the issue, for when the wheels stop spinning, the car begins to merely slide forward. Thus, if the driver panics as a result and continues to push the brake out of shock rather than letting go on his own, a collision with an obstacle in the direction of travel is inevitable. ABS was developed to prevent this. It actuates the brake at short intervals, so that the wheels continue to rotate for a bit each time. When the street is wet, ABS reduces the braking distance, yet in snowy conditions it has the opposite effect. In any case, ABS keeps the vehicle sufficiently steerable for the driver to evade an obstacle. ABS consists of specially drilled or toothed ABS rings with corresponding sensors, as well as the ABS control unit that is coupled with the braking system. Operating principle of the hydraulic power unit The hydraulic power unit consists of an electronic and a mechanical hydraulic component. The electronics register each movement at the wheel and switch the ABS unit into monitoring mode as soon as the vehicle moves faster than 2 km/h. Therefore, if the car is brought to a complete stop at a high speed, blocking the front wheels, the power unit's hydraulic component relieves the brake for a short moment. A typical stuttering interval actuates the brakes 2-5 times per second. The hydraulic component is connected to each brake line via four channels leading to the brakes. The hydraulic unit's electronic component is flange-mounted directly. Part of the hydraulic sensors is soldered directly to the circuit board. This keeps the signal propagation as short as possible. Hydraulic power unit defects In most cases, a defect is indicated by the ABS warning light on the dashboard prior to actual complete failure of the ABS. A reading of the error code will usually reveal the desired information regarding what is defective on the ABS unit. In most cases, an ABS control unit's electronics fail. With regards to its engineering, the hydraulic component is rather simple and carries little mechanical burden. The flange-mounted electronics, however, are far more threatened by their close proximity to the brake fluid. Even a tiny leak suffices for brake fluid to come into contact with the board. In such an event, short circuits and blown components are inevitable. The engine vibrations and the ABS itself will then do the rest to significantly burden these electronic components. Repairing the ABS control unit While repairing a hydraulic power unit is a real challenge for die-hard hobby solderers, it also poses a very high risk. Should the ABS fail as a result of a failed repair attempt, the manufacturer accepts no liability. Therefore, when dealing with a component as safety-relevant as the hydraulic power unit, repairs are out of the question. Although these components are rather costly with prices ranging from 300 to 1200 euro, replacing the component is the only responsible option. Furthermore, the installation of used parts is not recommended, even if the dealer promises a 24-month guarantee. This is due to the fact that a "warranty claim" most certainly means that the ABS failed in an emergency situation. You never know what was done to a refurbished hydraulic power unit. The risk simply cannot be justified. Hydraulic power unit: New and original parts only If the renewal of the ABS control unit means a total economic loss of the car, then it's worth the price. In order to truly restore the hydraulic power unit, you have to be prepared for a new purchase. Any compromise, even picking a manufacturer without an OEM license, is an irresponsible risk.

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