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Legal certainty thanks to the license plate light The license plate light complies with the law's regulation prescribing all motor-driven vehicles' rear license plate to be legible in the dark. As soon as a car or motorcycle switches on the light, the rear license plate must automatically also be illuminated. This allows other road users to clearly identify a vehicle. Only mopeds equipped with nothing but an insurance tag are exempt from the requirement for an illuminated license plate at the vehicle's rear side. License plate light components The license plate light consists of two or more lamps specifically illuminating the license plate. These lights are either integrated into the license plate holder or cleverly hidden within existing vehicle components. In most cases, the license plate lights are located inside a car's trunk lid or bumper. The license plate lighting is connected to the vehicle's light switch. When the light is turned on, the license plate illumination also turns on. For reasons of efficiency and economy, it is simply connected to the taillights. Therefore, no separate on/off switch exist for the license plate light. License plate light defects The main cause of license plate light defects are burned out light bulbs. However, these are very easily accessible on this component and can be replaced with just a few hand movements. Furthermore, it is recommended to replace the existing light bulbs with LED bulbs. These are much more durable and can shine even brighter. Other common defects include corrosion at the contact points. Usually, rust can be removed quite easily, thus fully recovering the indicator light's function. Due to the exposed location at the rear of the vehicle, the license plate light is very exposed to the elements. Therefore, it is recommended to seal the contact points of the lamps using some contact spray or grease to prevent moisture from intruding. Operating a vehicle with defective license plate lights is a misdemeanor. Although a penalty is usually waived, a driver who received a warning will usually be required to repair the vehicle's license plate light within a short time and present it to the police. Furthermore, a faulty license plate light is a deficiency that can prevent the vehicle from passing the main inspection and receiving its certification label. However, these kinds of defects can usually be easily fixed on-site. License plate lights as a spare part On many vehicles, a separate housing is part of the license plate light. This can also be damaged as a result of an accident, moisture or vibrations, in which case it must be replaced. In most cases, it is merely mounted to the body by a screw and therefore easy to replace. Usually they are supplied as a complete set, with wiring and bulbs already integrated. While researching a suitable replacement part, it is therefore important to only opt for solutions employing LED bulbs. These modern lights offer significant advantages in terms of luminosity and durability, so that one no longer needs to lose time with the old light bulbs. An alternative to the license plate light: The self-illuminating license plate In recent years, an alternative to the classic, illuminated metal plate has become available. The self-luminous plates consist of a plexiglass cover that is illuminated from behind using LED lamps. This solution offers many advantages over the traditional solution. They are far easier to read and complement a vehicle's optical signaling effect. In the event that all other lights fail, the self-illuminated license plate is a still very strong light signal that allows a vehicle to be seen in the dark. It is a very interesting solution, especially for motorcycles. Such plexiglass covers are made-to-order by certified license plate manufacturers. A complete conversion kit costs approximately 100 euro. Their optical effect is also very pleasant at night. Unfortunately, it is not permitted to also convert the front license plate to a self-illuminating variant. But that may change soon, for there is no legitimate reason behind this prohibition.

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