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Radio remote-controlled central locking - a blessing for car owners

At night in unlit streets or in isolated places, heedlessly parked cars or negligently locked doors: tireless thieves always know how to "crack" carelessly parked vehicles. It is always a nuisance for the car owner when the conspicuously placed valuables seem to have disappeared. In the old days, locking every single door was somewhat cumbersome. The passenger door as well as back doors had to be separately bolted and the driver's door locked with a different key. Ultimately, possible access to the car interior by way of the tailgate or boot lid had to be checked. All time-consuming checks became more or less obsolete when central locking for vehicles was introduced. Ever since, only the driver's door needs to be locked to secure all other accesses to the car including the boot as well as the fuel tank lid. What to do, however, if the central locking ceases to function? Is it possible to single-handedly solve this problem? Or is the expert support of a garage unavoidable?

Remote-controlled central locking: great technology in the smallest dimension

At any rate it is advisable to study the central locking function of the car. Most vehicles nowadays have central locking with radio remote control. This feature is completely up to date and provides additional comfort to the driver. How does this radio remote control function? To put it simply: it is intricate technology presented on a small scale. The bunch of keys, or rather: the key itself contains a small transmitter, powered by a small button cell battery and reacts to a slight finger pressure. Thus it sends a radio signal to the receiver modules in the car doors. These convey the signal to small electric motors in the door locks, the boot lock and the tank lock.

Theft made difficult by clever coding

Theoretically it should be child's play for clever thieves to intercept these signals, store them on a computer and gain access to the targeted vehicle. In order to prevent this, having a duplicate made at a key duplication service is not possible in case of loss of the key. The radio signal between key and receiver module in the car is coded in the factory. This coding makes it almost impossible for criminals to get into the car, let alone steal it. Therefore, in case of loss, a spare key can only be obtained at the car retailer or the manufacturer.

Defective central locking: DIY repair or ask an expert for assistance?

For experienced DIY'ers, repair of the central locking may look simple, but not necessarily. A mechanical malfunction of the central locking can be easily solved; repairing the opening mechanism might turn out to be quite complicated. This often requires the removal and eventually the re-installation of door trimming. Furthermore the many small and fragile components behind the door panel often require specific expertise. Defective cables can easily be repaired or replaced. When it comes to the maintenance of receiver modules it is better to ask for professional advice and consult a competent car mechanic. Very important: the receiver must be compatible with the onboard electronics. Furthermore, in most cases it requires coding and enabling. Generally it is possible to retrofit a central locking system in the car. Quality as well as the price should be seriously considered. The installation requires removal of the door trimmings and fixing the small electric motors, functioning as unlocking devices, to the inner door plating. The control unit is ideally installed under the dashboard. A retrofit of central locking – especially with radio remote control – requires correct handling of insulating and crimping pliers and other tools, as well as profound knowledge of onboard electronics. Therefore, in case of doubt, getting professional support from an expert might be the better option.

We supply central locking quickly and cheaply for almost every car

For your repair, you always need top quality spare parts, which we can supply for almost every car brand and every model quickly, easily and at unbeatably cheap prices. We make a point of exclusively selling original spare parts or OEM quality parts. Ultimately, this consequently pursued business philosophy is the basis of our good name on which we build our steadily increasing customer base. Find the fitting central locking for your car quickly and easily on our well-assorted internet portal www.autopartspro.co.uk. Central locking offers more than only considerable comfort. For the earlier mentioned reasons, its security-relevant aspect deserves serious consideration.

Central locking: what to observe:

  • convenient operation and the certainty of locking all possible access
  • great technology on a small scale
  • optional DIY installation
  • quality is more important than the price

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