Changing the EGR valve – This is how you do it!

Changing the EGR valve - This is how you do it!

The so-called EGR valve performs an important task in a vehicle. We will show you how to recognise EGR valve defects, how to replace the valve and what costs you should expect.

However, if it becomes defective, it can no longer perform this task. This can have an effect on the performance of the engine and also on its service life. For this reason, defects in the EGR valve should always be repaired quickly.

The EGR valve performs the following tasks

EGR valve tasksDiesel and petrol engines have combustion temperatures of up to 2,500 degrees Celsius.

This produces nitrogen oxides that are harmful to the environment and must be removed from the engine. In order to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides released into the environment, part of the exhaust gases is returned to the intake manifold through the so-called exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

This process noticeably lowers the combustion temperature and thus produces fewer nitrogen oxides as a result of the process.

EGR valve Soot deposit

In this process, the EGR valve meters the amount of exhaust gas returned to the engine. If the EGR valve can no longer fulfil its tasks due to defects, soot deposits accumulate in the area of the cylinder head or turbocharger, which can massively reduce their service life.

These symptoms indicate a defect

Symptoms of a defective EGR valve

As with many important components on a vehicle, a wide variety of symptoms can point to a defective EGR valve.

However, some of these symptoms may also be signs of other defects. If you notice such a symptom, you should also pay attention to the other symptoms in order to be able to isolate the damage more easily.

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Symptoms of a defective EGR valve include:

– The vehicle jerks while driving.
– Engine power is reduced.
– Hardly any power at full throttle.
– The engine goes into emergency mode under load.
– The engine control lights are up for brief time when starting or while driving.
There is a lot of dark smoke out of the exhaust.
Fuel consumption increases considerably.
– Increased nitrogen oxide emissions are measured during the exhaust emission test.

defective EGR valve should be repaired or replacedIf any of these symptoms occur, you should have the EGR valve repaired or replaced as soon as possible. For the sake of the environment and your car.

Is EGR valve a wearing part?

Is EGR valve a wearing part

This question is quite tricky. Actually, the answer should be no, as the valve is not usually overloaded. However, as time goes by, soot particles accumulate through the exhaust gases, which may gradually limit the functionality of the EGR valve.

In this respect, it can be said that an EGR valve is definitely a wearing part and, depending on driving style and mileage, should be replaced or cleaned once or several times in the course of a car’s life.

Replace the EGR valve yourself or have it replaced?

Replace the EGR valve yourself or have it replaced

Basically, it is not a problem to replace the EGR valve yourself. This is even possible without special tools or extensive experience. However, this actually applies to the replacement itself.

As cleaning the valve and re-installing the cleaned valve should only be carried out by a specialist workshop. Improper cleaning may quickly cause further damage that negatively affects the functionality of the EGR valve.

In a workshop, the component can be also tested for functionality using appropriate tools. This is usually not possible at home.

The simple replacement of a spare part, on the other hand, is not a challenge for most people. However, one restriction applies. On some vehicle models, half the engine should be disassembled for the replacement. In addition, on some vehicles it may be necessary to preprogram the EGR valve using a diagnostic device. In these cases, going to the workshop is usually the right choice, as all the necessary aids and tools are available there.

Replacing the EGR valve step by step

Replacing the EGR valve step by step– As a rule, the EGR valve is located in the upper area of the engine block directly in front of the so-called intake manifold. Since the EGR valve has a similar shape in all vehicle types, you can easily identify it.
– Loosen the engine cover, if any.
– If the valve is easily accessible, you can remove it quickly.
– Disconnect all lines from the EGR valve.
– Be sure to remove the gaskets as well.
– Loosen the two to eight screws that hold the EGR valve in place.
– Insert the replacement part and fix it in place with the screws.
– Reconnect the lines and gaskets.
– Reassemble all other components and start the engine.
– The engine should now run much smoother.

Pay attention to the following when replacing the EGR valve

Pay attention to the following when replacing the EGR valve

– Pay attention not only to the valve, but also to the lines and the seals. Damaged seals and sooty lines should also be replaced if necessary.
– Before the replacement, take a picture of the EGR valve with all connected lines. This will make it easier for you to identify them when you reassemble them later.
– If the EGR valve is difficult to reach and the removal and installation is complicated, have the work done by a specialist workshop. This way you can avoid expensive installation errors.

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Costs to be considered

Depending on the vehicle manufacturer and the specific model, prices for an EGR valve range from 70 to 350 pounds. If the adjacent lines or the connected seals should be replaced as well, you have to count on around 50 – 150 pounds more. If you have the repair carried out by a specialist workshop, they will charge between 150 and 800 pounds for the repair and the spare part, depending on the working time. This is because even in a specialist workshop, the removal, installation and inspection of the EGR valve takes between one to three working hours. You can reduce the price a little if you bring a new EGR valve yourself. Most workshops charge higher prices for spare parts than the open market.
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