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Daimler Company Limited is a British car manufacturer with headquarters in Coventry. The company was founded in London in 1896. In 1910, the company became a part of Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA), and 50 years later was sold to Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC. An Indian vehicle manufacturer Tata Motors Limited has owned the enterprise since 2008.

8 interesting facts

1. The first car of the make was released in January 1897. It was rear-wheel-driven and was equipped with a 2-cylinder power unit produced by Panhard. 20 cars were assembled in six months.

2. In 1902, the company received a Royal Warrant of Appointment as motor car suppliers to the British Royal Family and kept the position until 1950. By 1914 Daimler cars were used as well by the royal families of Germany, Greece, Spain, Korea, Russia, Sweden, Japan.

3. During World War I, the enterprise produced lorries, buses, tanks, and aircraft engines. In 1926, the Double Six – the first European car equipped with a 12-cylinder engine – was designed under the supervision of a notable engineer Laurence Pomeroy.

4. During World War II, the manufacturer assembled about 2700 armoured vehicles. They used a piece of innovative equipment, particularly, they had disc brakes on both axles.

5. Between 1939 and 1953, the company produced the DB18 model (export versions were dubbed Consort). Its peculiar feature was curved side windows framed with chromed metal channels.

6. In 1946, 8-seat limousines DE27 and DE36 went into production. They were the first brand production cars equipped with power windows. 3 luxurious vehicles were designed on the basis of DE36: the Green Goddess, Golden Daimler, Blue Clover.

7. After the brand became a property of Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC, powerful 8-cylinder engines instead of 6-cylinder ones were used as components for Daimler cars. It allowed increasing the cars’ speed to 217 km/h.

8. The Super Eight became the last model of this make with 853 units manufactured. These cars were used by members of the British Royal family. These vehicles were discontinued in 2009.

Peculiar features of cars of this make

• Elegant design. Bodies were made in a classical style. Their peculiar feature was a radiator grille which consisted of chromed bars.

• Luxurious interior. Expensive materials such as leather and wood were used for trimming. Moreover, the interior could be customised with mats made of natural sheep wool, a picnic table, and other unusual accessories.

• Powerful engines. The last brand cars were equipped with an 8-cylinder engine, outputting up to 400 hp.

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