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Interior equipment - Tips on check-up, common defects and replacement

The interior of a vehicle consists of all optical and comfort conducive components that are installed in the passenger compartment. It offers a pleasant homely atmosphere and a high functionality, so that even long journeys are made as comfortable as possible.

The components of the interior

The interior consists of the dashboard, the central console, the seats, the headliner, the carpets, the parcel shelf and the side panels. A distinction is made between serial parts and retrofitting parts. Typical retrofitting parts are window blinds, luggage nets or grids at estate cars, seat covers and retrofit seat heaters. In addition, there are numerous other components with which you can increase the comfort in a vehicle. The selection ranges from ashtrays, cup holders to various brackets for phones and navigation devices. Various electric powered parts are also available in the retrofitting market: From lamps to razors, there are various electrical devices with 12V available for operation in the vehicle.

Typical weaknesses of the interior

The interior wears due to normal wear. The driver's seat, steering wheel casing and shift knob are particularly exposed to hard wear. Covers crack, the padding decreases and the grip surfaces get smooth and greasy. If you want to keep the vehicle as long as possible in original state only regular cleaning and the use of protective covers will help.

Specific enhancements through the use of replacement components

Much of the interior can be replaced with identical or even improved accessories at retailers. Around the front row of seats has developed a large industry that provides for each vehicle, a wide range of interesting seats. With a professional and high-quality sports seat the driver also wins more safety. A solid lateral support makes driving on winding roads considerably more pleasant and gives the driver a sense of security. Similarly, a replacement of the steering wheel can bring many additional features and improve the control of the vehicle at high speeds. All components must however have both a general authorization and an authorization for the specific vehicle type. If necessary, the changes of the steering wheel and seats must be entered in the vehicle documents. This is required especially at vehicles that have a built-in airbag in the steering wheel. The replacement of the steering wheel at these vehicles is reserved exclusively to specialized companies! Working at the airbag of a vehicle is very dangerous and illegal!
The interior equipment is a broad field of activity which allows you to refresh your vehicle thoroughly and also increase its value. High-quality seat covers, new carpets and mats give a strong used vehicle its comfortable feeling again. Complemented by a thorough wash, an older vehicle can be once again fully operational and presentable.
The accessory market also offers numerous solutions that increase comfort inside of the vehicle. These are primarily various lights that are placed in the footwell, the side shelves or the glove compartment and which can be of great help in the dark. Their installation requires a bit of expertise and craftsmanship. When working at the dashboard, it is also advisable to replace the existing lamps with LED lamps. These are much more reliable, longer lasting and more energy efficient than the traditional incandescent lamps from older vehicles.
If the car is customized for a sporty driving style, the safety belts are often replaced with harness belts. These belts, tight fitted on both shoulders, give the driver a particularly high posture. Their combination with modern belt tensioner systems is a customization that requires great expertise. Since the safety belts are safety-relevant component, a change made to them must be registered. In contrast, covers for the safety belts do not have to be registered. These covers help to prevent the abrasion and premature wear of the belts.
Finally, there are also various special detergents for upgrading the interior. Pad cleaners, synthetic cleaners or special interior polishes are specially designed for the materials used in vehicles. It is advised to use the special products instead of traditional household detergents. With the car cleaning products from AutopartsPro you get always the optimum cleaning performance without risking to damage the interior of your car with too violent cleaners.

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