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Would you like to buy top-quality Spark Plug from NGK online? With us you can not only choose more than 1315 various items from NGK but also consult a team of responsive specialists as well as enjoy a great customer service. In our online shop you will find a large assortment of Spark Plug items from well-known manufacturers such as NGK at wallet-friendly prices.

No compromises for spark plugs!

The spark plug is a small but vital component, which is responsible for correctly igniting the air fuel mixture in the engine's combustion chamber. Even though every spark plug has the identical task, there are still fundamental differences between the respective types. A wrong spark plug may quickly lead to the destruction of the engine, which is why you need knowledge and be careful when changing this part. This is true for the correct choice of specification as well as choosing the right manufacturer. NGK is a Japanese company which has been producing spark plugs for over 90 years. NGK is built into nearly all Japanese and many international automobile manufacturers as a standard. The quality of NGK spark plugs is undoubted because of this. Regarding spare parts, NGK is one of the market leaders. This makes it easy to choose them as a trustworthy supplier.

An NGK spark plug for clean combustion

An NGK spark plug is the product of decades of experience and the most modern research results. NGK is a market leader mainly because of the uncompromised quality of their products. As long as users adhere to all values like heat value or thread length, an NGK spark plug is always the optimal choice for your engine. The high investment in research and development as well as the amazing international popularity affect the NGK spark plugs' price as well. With about seven Euro per piece, NGK spark plugs are at a medium price range. You do not need to fear premature burning, breaking ceramics or wrong gaps between electrodes.

Correct mounting and regular maintenance for a long engine life

It is advisable to at least check the spark plugs with every oil change. Depending on how the spark plug looks, you can deduce beginning damage of the engine. Very oily or sooted spark plugs do not have to be changed in any case however. The cause is often found at some other place. An ignition line that has been damaged by animal bites can also lead to a wrong run of the engine or sooted spark plugs. You should always check everything carefully so you can fix the damage permanently.

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