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DENSO Spark Plug

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Would you like to buy top-quality Spark Plug from DENSO online? With us you can not only choose more than 764 various items from DENSO but also consult a team of responsive specialists as well as enjoy a great customer service. In our online shop you will find a large assortment of Spark Plug items from well-known manufacturers such as DENSO at wallet-friendly prices.

Best quality by a traditional manufacturer

DENSO is a manufacturer of high quality car components. When it comes to spark plugs, DENSO has been able to collect experience since 1959. Nowadays this makes DENSO to one of the best manufacturers when it comes to high quality spark plugs with an interesting price performance ratio. With its IRIDIUM-RACING product range, DENSO has been able to become a supplier for Formula 1. This shows the high demands the manufacturer has for its own products.

DENSO spark plugs for any budget

DENSO claims to offer a fitting spark plug solution for any budget. This makes it possible for the manufacturer to offer extremely low price spark plugs with a very high quality at the same time. DENSO spark plug prices start at 2.65 Euros. This kind of price cannot be undercut even by low price suppliers. Using these extremely low price solutions should be well thought about however. In its medium price range, DENSO offers spark plugs from 8-15 Euros. The IRIDIUM series is currently the DENSO spark plug top brand. With prices of around 20 Euros per plug, you will receive a top range model, fit for using in a highly demanding engine.

Maintenance and care of the DENSO spark plug

A DENSO spark plug is only as good as the overall concept of the ignition system it is fitted into. The spark plug has to be certified in regards to heat value and length of the threads for the respective car model. Otherwise, even a high quality DENSO spark plug can be responsible for destroying a whole engine. When mounting a DENSO spark plug, you should always be careful: Screw in the first five threads manually in order to prevent a tilting of the threads. A destroyed thread on the engine block is a fatal damage that is extremely hard to repair. You should fasten the spark plug only with the specified torque value. This prevents loosening of the plug when driving, which would otherwise be noticeable by a loud sound and a decrease in engine performance.

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