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In the past, most car owners sooner or later held spark plugs in their hand. Before the time of control units and electronic injection systems, it regularly happened that a non-optimal air-fuel mix was greasing the spark plugs. This caused them to no longer ignite properly and they had to be cleaned. Theoretically, this is still possible in modern cars. Nowadays however, most drivers hardly ever need to replace the spark plugs in their car themselves. Yet, as in old times, spark plugs are important elements in car manufacturing. Spark plugs generate the ignition spark in the cylinder. The spark plugs can be found at the end of the ignition chain. A high current occurs on the spark plug causing intense mechanical strain. Spark plugs are therefore periodically replaced to guarantee their function. In case of a malfunctioning ignition, the spark plugs might be incorrectly aligned. Essential for the function of a spark plug is the right electrode gap, which has to be correctly set in every car for the ignition spark to develop. With a feeler gauge the electrode gap can be simply measured and adjusted. Sooner or later, every car owner must have his spark plugs replaced. This is generally taken care of on occasion of an inspection. The matching brand quality spare parts can be ordered with a few clicks in our online shop. If you need new spark plugs it is important to mind the excellent price-performance ratio. The same goes for a new ignition module, start motor, generator, air conditioning dryer, side door, bonnet, wheel hub, or any other spare part. We are always a reliable partner as we rely on affordable top quality.

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