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Keeps the car on the road: the front spoiler lip

The front spoiler lip is an inconspicuous component on many a car front, performing an important aerodynamic function. Incorrect installation could lead to dangerous situations.

Aerodynamics important at any speed

The spoiler supports the aerodynamics of a car. In the old days, this was referred to as streamlining. Three main effects go hand in hand with aerodynamics:

  • reducing the wind noises during driving
  • reducing fuel consumption
  • increasing the downforce of the car on the road.

In order to support these tasks, the spoiler has to be intact and installed correctly . The smallest installation error can reverse the effects. In the worst case, the downforce of the car is compromised due to loss of a spoiler lip and starts swerving, although this only occurs at high speed. After loss of the front spoiler, adjustment of speed is recommended.

Front spoiler lip a front end component

On older cars such as Golf 1 or Golf 2, the front spoiler lip was fixed onto the bodywork right under the front bumper. A minor collision was enough to lose it, which caused a nuisance on occasion of the next MOT inspection: the car failing the MOT check due to the missing spoiler lip. Nowadays most cars have plastic, low-lying bumpers. A minor collision is bound to damage this expensive and difficult-to-replace component. Therefore, frontal bumpers are now equipped with spoiler lips. This cheap and easy-to-replace component makes repair after a collision considerably less expensive.

Front spoiler lip defects

A front spoiler lip as a component is very exposed. Sooner or later, some kind of collision can hardly be avoided. Curb stones or country roads can knock off the lip. For this reason the retail business offers cheap solutions for quick repair of the front spoiler lip. The customer has a choice:

  • universal front spoiler lip
  • tailored, type-specific spoiler lip

The simpler and cheaper solution for the replacement is the universal front spoiler lip. This is a broad rubber edging with an adhesive strip which can simply be attached to the front spoiler. This solution costs 2 EUR (± £1.75) per meter. Of course, this edging is not more than a front spoiler collision protection. The tailored spoiler lip is screwed onto the front spoiler. This is an individually made spare part, fitting a specific type of car. In many cases it is made of rubber. In addition to collision protection it performs an aerodynamic task. Its replacement is very simple: as a rule it is clipped on or fixed with four screws. If the car lies low on the road, jacking up the car is recommended. A tailored front spoiler lip costs approximately 50 EUR (± £45).

Always correctly jack up the car

In order to safely work underneath the car, it must be correctly jacked up. For this repair, a simple car jack is not sufficient. Even when the repair itself is sooner done than jacking up the car, you should always take the trouble. A car slipping of a jack has repeatedly caused bad accidents. To correctly jack up the car you need:

  • 1 car jack
  • 2 jack stands
  • rubber or wooden strips
  • kegs

The jack must be placed on the right jacking point, marked on the underbody. If you are not sure where to find it, consult the car manual. The jack stands too have their designated jack points. It is important that the stands are not placed directly onto the bodywork. The anchor point of the wishbone arm at the front is a suitable place. Prior to jacking up the car, pull the hand brake and shift to first gear. The rear wheels are secured with kegs. This prevents the car from rolling away. To prevent scratching the bodywork, a piece of rubber or a strip of wood is placed between stand, jack and bodywork. This is no exaggerated vanity and very important. If the underbody paintwork is damaged, corrosion is bound to follow soon. With the car adequately secured you can concentrate on repairing the spoiler lip.

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