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Windscreen cleaning system - Tips on check-up, common defects and replacement

Cleaning the windshield of a vehicle is more complex than it is generally assumed. It includes an elaborate system of wipers, pumps, nozzles, heating elements and a controller. A proper working windshield cleaning system is an important factor for safe driving.

The components of the windshield cleaning system

A windshield cleaning system consists of seven components:
    1. The cleaning liquid is stored in a tank. 2. From there it is conducted by means of an electric pump via a line to the nozzle. 3. At the nozzle, the cleaning liquid is sprayed on the front or the rear window, depending on what the driver has requested. 4. The, the wiper, consisting of motor, arm and blade, wipes the window with the help of the cleaning liquid. 5. In addition, all cars (except cabriolets with fabric hood) have a heater in the rear window, which thaws the window in case of frost. 6. Heated windshields have only Fords and some models of VW. However, specialized companies offer retrofitting solutions. 7. Finally, the control system controls the duration of the flushing interval and the speed of the windscreen wipers.

Defects of the cleaning system

If something is faulty in the cleaning system, it is usually not a big deal. Wear part no. 1 are of course the wipers. Depending on the vehicle type, these can be quite expensive. A complete set can get to more than 50 euros. Nevertheless, you should not skimp on the windshield wiper. A cheap product lubricates usually quite often and makes additionally an enervating noise that expresses itself through squeaks and jolts.
The lines of the windshield wiper blades can be porous. Their replacement is also very easy. Nevertheless, you should always get original spare parts and not any types of small tubes, so that your windshield wiper system works always reliably.
The greatest enemy of the windshield cleaning system is the frost. Always remember to use winter-grade cleaner liquid. A fully filled tank can break if it freezes. Normally these tanks hold for the entire lifetime of the car. In most vehicles, the tank is easily accessible and easy to replace. It is nevertheless an expensive repair, as the tank is usually delivered in a set with the engine.
Should the pump motor no longer work, you can first check the fuses and the plug connections of the electric motor to the pump. A thorough wash with contact spray will in most cases help.
The nozzle can also clog. To clean them, it is usually sufficient to blow them with a compressed air. They are attached only with a clasp on the hood and can easily be removed. This makes the cleaning with compressed air easier. Do not forget to properly adjust the nozzle after installation again.
Depending on the vehicle type, considerable forces may occur at the movement of the front wipers. Especially the ones in Mercedes vehicles, which move not only sideways but also up and down, have a very complex mechanism. Should this mechanism fail, it can get very expensive. A wedged wiper often results in a blown engine. You prevent a premature wear of the wiper mechanism by greasing all moving parts thoroughly. Should the rear wiper stop working, the cause is mostly a backup or a loose connection.

Everything for the windshield wiper

You will find everything you need for the repair and maintenance of your windshield cleaning system.
Wiper blades with adapters are a very affordable alternative to the complete replacement of the wiper. With the brand quality from Magneti Marelli, we have a strong and experienced partner, which is used internationally as an OEM supplier. Find these and many other cheap wiper blades in our online catalog.
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