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Windscreen wiper motor

The windscreen wiper motor is a relatively inconspicuous part, responsible - as it name implies - for driving the windscreen wiper. Its function should however not be underestimated. In case of sudden strong rain, without windscreen wipers the view can deteriorate up to a point that further driving would constitute a high risk of accidents. Therefore, a car user should always make certain that the wiper motor is functional.

Where to find the windscreen wiper motor:

  • As there are many different versions, locating it is not always easy.
  • As a rule, the motor can be found at the basis of the wiper linkage in a single or multiple versions.
  • If you experience difficulties, we suggest you read our "windscreen wiper manual", explaining the different versions in detail.

How does it function?

  • The wiper motor is a typical electric motor, driving a shaft connected to the wiper linkage. The specific linkage produces the movement.
  • Rotary motors only rotate in one direction. Reversing motors can alter the rotating direction. These are more expensive; however do not require a complicated mechanism.

What happens in case of a defect?

  • A complete failure is rare. In normal cases, the motor becomes weaker, the movement slower. Ultimately, the force is not sufficient to drive the wiper blades.
  • Windscreen wiper motors with defective rain sensors will fail to engage automatically. Manual start is necessary.

Possible causes:

  • Electric motors have sliding contacts, gradually wearing over time causing an ageing process.
  • Excessive dirt or snow on the windscreen causes mechanical stress. The engine shaft can bend or even break.
  • Defect of the rain sensor causes symptoms with possible secondary effects to the wiper motor.

To the garage or DIY repair?

  • Often the windscreen wiper's position is inconvenient, complicating its replacement. The proper alignment of the wiper linkage after replacement requires patience and experience. Sealing must be guaranteed, preventing water to penetrate the wiper motor.

The windscreen wiper manual

Over the years, manufacturers have developed a wide range of possibilities for wiper linkage and wiper motors. They are greatly responsible for the wiper pattern. Most used are:

    1. Parallel wipers, wiping from left to right and back. Their motors are installed in the middle and on one side. Adequate wiping pattern and sight for driver and passenger. 2. Opposed wipers, operating from the inside outwards and back (rounding at the top). Both motors are installed on the side in the corner. Depending on their set-up, a large free space in the centre of the wiping pattern. Nevertheless adequate sight. 3. Single-arm wipers with or without lift control. A single engine in the middle is sufficient. Especially on small windscreens the wiping pattern is adequate and clean. With lift control even extending to the edge. 4. Pantograph wipers require a complex wiper linkage. Number of motors and their placement can vary. Adequate wiper pattern, but very susceptible to malfunctions due to its mechanism. 5. Triple wipers are only used on very large windscreens. Three motors, installed on the left or right. Wiper pattern similar to that of parallel wipers.

Depending on construction, car manufacturers use rotary or reversing motors. The former only operate in one rotating motion and therefore kinematics with a lever mechanism are required for establishing the to-and-fro movement. The latter are more expensive, but can be "switched" and therefore also be installed with rigid wiper arms without lever mechanism.

Expected costs

The price spectrum of wiper motors is very wide and lies between 50 EUR (c. £45) up to more than 300 EUR (c. £ 265). A wiper motor is not a typical wear part and can last a car's life span. More expensive products are generally made of more robust material (metal instead of plastic) to prevent defects and failures. This should have no effect on the performance. It is hard to believe a small part can be so expensive. Nevertheless the windscreen wiper is our only guarantee against sudden rainfall. Do you need a new one? Have a look in our shop, where we offer high-grade OEM-quality products at prices considerably lower than those recommended by the manufacturer. Additionally, offers of the day and discount action allow you to save a lot of money.

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