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Safely controlling strong forces with the caliper bracket The brake caliper bracket is part of the disc brake unit and has an important function. The bracket is the carrier of brake caliper. The brake calipers in their turn carry the brake pads. Upon brake application, the brake pads press with great force against the rotating brake disc, which is also made of massive steel. Braking causes excessive forces. A brake caliper must be able to safely absorb these forces. Which forces affect the caliper bracket? Firstly, the brake pads generate a proportional counterforce when being pressed on the brake disc. During a normal complete stop the brake pressure can amount to 150 bar. In case of an emergency stop, triggered by the brake assistant, the brake pressure can for a moment amount to 400 bar. Not breaking into pieces when enduring these linear forces represents a real challenge for the caliper bracket. Braking does not occur when standing still, but during driving. The faster a brake disc is rotating, the stronger the shearing forces occurring when braking. The friction does not occur vertically, but parallel onto the brake disc and the brake pads. This parallel friction is converted into an angled force vector together with the pressure, which is continuously changing direction and force. These high, angled and changing forces require an uncompromising quality and stability of this car part. Construction of a caliper bracket A caliper bracket is an amazingly thin monolithic part made of galvanised cast steel. It is always formed exactly in accordance with the vehicle type. It consists of a clasp with bolt fittings on the wheel hub as well as on the brake pad holder. Generally, the caliper bracket is very durable and lasts a car's life span. Nevertheless it should be cleaned and checked on occasion of every change of brake pads. Life span of a caliper bracket Although a caliper bracket suffers high technical strain, it generally has a long life. A layman will hardly be able to identify the part's quality. In essence, this depends on the materials used for its production as well as the way it was produced. Only cast and die cast parts are allowed, processed with the right mix of alloy components, which have been professionally pressed and deburred. Deep burrs on the caliper bracket indicate unsatisfactory quality control of the manufacturer. Production of caliper brackets Caliper brackets are technically important car parts and therefore require an exceptionally profound quality control system. Many car manufacturers prescribe a 100% check of these parts, at least for high HP cars. This is performed by ultrasound and x-ray to check for cavities or alien elements incorporated in the cast. It is of paramount importance that these faulty parts already have been weeded out in the factory. If they are used, they weaken the system. Defects of the caliper bracket Caliper brackets can become defective after years of service. The most common defect is a rupture. This circumstance requires special care: if a rupture occurs, the part must be replaced right away. A caliper bracket cannot be welded or glued. The only possibility for re-establishing full traffic safety is a replacement. The replacement of a caliper bracket is not complicated. It is secured with two bolts. These bolts have to be replaced as well and should be tightened with the right torque. The torque data can be checked in the repair manual of the car. Not too expensive Caliper brackets are technically essential as well as very simple parts. Therefore their price is quite low. Even a brand product, like e.g. from TRW hardly ever costs more than 60 euro (£51). Yet, the price of a new part depends for a great deal on the car in question. The higher the engine capacity and the weight of the car, the more intense the forces influencing the caliper bracket will be. Therefore it needs to be correspondingly sturdy. The application of used parts is strongly warned against. Do not play games with your safety, but always ensure branded quality.

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