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  • TOPRAN Blower Motor (Heater Blower Motor)
  • SWAG Blower Motor (Heater Blower Motor)
  • METZGER Blower Motor (Heater Blower Motor)
  • JP GROUP Blower Motor (Heater Blower Motor)
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The fan motor: function, defects, replacement

The fan motor (aka blower motor) is responsible for the circulation and the supply of air in the car. The intensity of the air stream can be adjusted on the dashboard. A defect of the fan motor is immediately noticed. We show you the function of the motor, where it can be found and how to quickly and easily replace the fan motor.

The blower motor and its function in the car

The fan motor is essential for the air circulation in the car. It is involved in the heating as well as the air conditioning. If the fan motor fails, these systems can no longer adequately fulfill their task as the air can no longer circulate in the car. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to repair or replace the fan motor as soon as possible, in order to clear fogged windows.

The fan motor: a wear part?

In essence, the fan motor is no wear part as it hardly knows mechanical stress. Nevertheless the motor is equipped with the necessary switches and therefore a replacement of this component is not unusual. Generally. in the course of a car's life span the fan motor is replaced at least once.

How to recognise fan motor damage

Defects of the fan motor can be identified quickly and easily. Yet, not all symptoms, even if they are very obvious, are caused by a defective fan motor. Defects of the air supply, heating or air conditioner can show similar effects. The most common symptom of fan motor defects is:

  • switching on the ventilation has no effect on the air circulation in the car.

The following causes should be excluded in order to identify a possible fan motor defect:

  • check the ventilation slits in the car on leaves and dirt
  • check the coolant tank. Lacking coolant can cause the heating to fail, which also affects the ventilation
  • Fully turn on the ventilation as soon as the engine is at its operational temperature. If you hear no switching noises, the fuse of the ventilation circuit is probably defective.

Replacing the fan motor: DIY or garage?

The fan motor is accessible in almost every car. You need few tools and replacement in a garage is hardly ever necessary. When you trust your own handywork skills, DIY repair will pose no problem at all.

Step by stap fan motor replacement

The fan motor is very easy to remove for laymen as well. It is situated either under the footwell cover or behind the glove compartment. In both cases, the fan motor can easily be removed from the interior of the car.

  • Start by locating the fan motor
  • Disconnect the car battery
  • Pull the plug from the blower fan cover
  • Slide both latches sidewards and open the fan cover
  • Pull the fan cover downwards
  • Now you should be able to see the fan motor
  • The fan motor is fixed to the blower fan shaft with four torx bolts
  • Unscrew all bolts and pull the fan motor from the shaft
  • Replace the fan motor
  • Perform all other steps in the reverse order.

What to observe

Prior to removal and replacement, be sure to disconnect the battery of the car. Strictly spoken this is not necessary, though for reasons of safety always make a habit of this step in all repairs of components, powered by the car's electric circuit. When replacing the fan motor, check the air filter. It needs occasional replacement and this is an excellent occasion for optimising the air supply of the car.

What costs can be expected?

A fan motor is not particularly expensive. Prices are depending on the car brand and often on the construction series of the car. Generally, prices are between 30 and 150 EUR (± £27 - £132). Even the replacement in a garage is comparatively cheap as only one hour of work will be charged at most.

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