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Safe and comfortable travels The automatic transmission has only recently established itself in Germany and Europe. It was long regarded a fuel hog only suitable for lazy or clumsy drivers. Yet, today driving an automatic has established itself so well, that this feature is found across all vehicle classes. Regularly changing the respective fluid is part of automatic transmission maintenance. An interval of 100,000 km is recommended. When does automatic transmission fluid need to be changed? Most types of automatic transmission damage can be traced back to problems with its lubrication. This can be the occurrence of unpleasant noise, reluctant switching operations or even the activation of an emergency program by the control unit. This happens when an insufficient amount of fluid is present in the automatic transmission, or the existing fluid has lost its viscosity to such an extent, that the fluid pressure reaches a critical value. Further evidence the fluid in the automatic transmission requires a change:

    - Increased fuel consumption - Not shifting smoothly - Fluctuating RPM
Set intervals are prescribed for automatic transmission fluid changes. These should definitely be adhered to. If a leak is found on an automatic transmission, it must be fixed and a simultaneous exchange of the fluid is also indicated. Where fluid can leak out, dirt can also enter. Therefore, one should not save when overhauling the automatic transmission. If the clutch on a vehicle with an automatic transmission needs to be changed, it is usually also necessary to drain the fluid. In this case, the present fluid should still be in the first third of its life and free of foreign materials, clouding or discoloration. If this is not the case, it is also best to replace it. Flush prior to changing the fluid If the described symptoms indicating a loss of quality of automatic transmission fluid are already noticeable when driving, a flush is indicated. This involves flushing the transmission with a sharp cleaner for a short time to dissolve deposits and remove them from the mechanical system.
With the vehicle on a lifting platform, transmission cleaner is added to the fluid using an oil gun. Pre-mixed solutions cost about 15 euro per liter. Although concentrates for self-mixing are cheaper, the instructions must be closely adhered to. If the cleaner is too strong, it can seriously damage the seals. The vehicle is now operated in regular street traffic with the cleaner in the automatic transmission for about 20 minutes. The more gear changes occur, the better the cleaner spreads through the transmission, allowing it to exert its full effect. Changing automatic transmission fluid Changing the transmission fluid on an automatic vehicle is not quite as easy as a normal oil change. Yet, it is not an impossible task for laymen. Requirements:
    - Sufficient quantities of the correct transmission fluid prescribed by the manufacturer (usually 5 liters are sufficient) - A new oil filter screen - A large oil gun - Brake cleaner - Rags or paper towels - New transmission gasket - White bucket for waste oil
It is important for the vehicle to be at operating temperature. The warmer the fluid, the more liquid it is. This minimizes the residual amount of fluid when draining. First, the cover is loosened. Then, the bucket is placed under the drain plug and the screw is loosened. While the old transmission fluid runs out, the inlet screw is also opened. This prevents the formation of a vacuum in the transmission and accelerates the draining of old fluid. When decanting the waste oil into a suitable disposal container, one can check whether metal shavings have settled in the bucket. Once the fluid has drained, the oil pan is removed from the transmission and the oil filter screen is replaced. Always remove and tighten the oil pan screws crosswise! The opened transmission can now generously be sprayed with brake cleaner. As the cleaner evaporates, it also removes any buildup. The same is done with the demounted oil pan. The magnet should not be forget - it can also be removed for cleaning. Before reassembling the transmission, the old oil filter screen gasket must be removed. These often get stuck in the guide sleeve. Carefully use pliers or a screwdriver and avoid causing any defects in the sleeve.
Once the gasket has been removed, the new oil filter screen is inserted. Once more, both sides of the sealing surfaces on the oil pan are thoroughly cleaned, then it is reinstalled along with the new gasket, and ideally new screws (usually included as a set together with the gasket). The oil drain plug is screwed back in with a new seal. The new fluid is filled into the transmission once it has cooled down. The oil gun is used for this. Once the fluid runs back, the oil pan is filled. However, the oil filter screen doesn't swell up until now. To completely distribute the automatic transmission fluid, the engine is run while the vehicle is jacked up. During this time, one shifts to each gear for about 10 seconds. Then, the fluid is topped off once again. This process is repeated as many times as it takes to reach the automatic transmission's prescribed fill quantity. Finally, the inlet screw is tightened with the prescribed torque and the cover remounted.