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Traditional component in proven function Since the time of carriages, the axis has been a central component of all vehicles. The axis connects utility bodies, i.e. chassis or frame, with the suspension. In carriages, the axis was usually nothing more than a continuous wooden rod rigidly connecting both wheels. Today, the construction of an axis is very complex and involves many individual components. The axle beam is the main component all additional components of the axis are mounted to. Position of the axes The axes are easy to find on a vehicle: They are the components, to which the wheels are attached. When it comes to the front axis, the axle beam is no longer constructed as a linked-up component due to the complex steering systems. Yet, on most vehicles, the rear axis is still a uniform component. This is particularly due to its production: The rear axis is entirely pre-assembled as a separate component by the supplier, all the way to the rear wheels and shock absorbers. Thus, the installation of the axis including all attached components is particularly fast and efficient during vehicle assembly at the assembly line. Axle beam defects An axis is not a wear part in the proper sense. Damage to this component can only result from accidents, corrosion or severely improper handling. As axes are typically welded together from thick shaped plates, they usually endure the car's entire life. A light rust film usually has no effect on driving safety or the relevancy during main inspection. Despite rear axes being rather inexpensive spare parts, their replacement is very expensive. Since the wheels, along with bearings, stabilizers, rubber dampers and many other components, are mounted to the axis, the task of replacing it may take several days. Axle beam cost The so-called badge engineering process has facilitated very cost-effective manufacture of axes as a component. The platform strategy, which has been successfully implemented by many manufacturers for decades now, allows for the use of identical components. GM is the pioneer of badge engineering. Using their J-body platform, they have essentially built the same car in all their brands. This world car - known here as the Opel Ascona C - had interchangeable components, for the most part. In Europe, Volkswagen is using the platform strategy very successfully. Thus, the axes of numerous Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen vehicles within the same class are interchangeable. As a result, these parts are often available for a few hundred euros, despite their large size, heavy weight and precise manufacture. Axle beam repairs If damage to the axis is so serious that a repair is necessary, replacement is essential. Welding, smoothing or straightening is generally not permitted on an axis. However, it is far more likely that the axis requires an overhaul rather than complete replacement. This involves replacement of all attached components, such as axle beam bearings, guide bushes, etc. In most cases, removal of the axis is unnecessary. For this purpose, accessory and spare part dealers offer complete sets for complete overhauling of an axis beam. The connecting points at which the axis is bolted to the chassis or the vehicle frame is particularly susceptible to damage. They are affected by strong forces, which put a significant strain on the inserted spherical roller bearings. If these lose their shape and absorbing effect, the result is a noticeable decrease in handling characteristics and tumbling noise at the rear axis. Repair kits for the rear axis can be purchased for as low as 20 euro. Maintenance work on the axle beam Rust spots on the rear axis are practically inevitable during normal operation. During normal travel operation, chippings and rocks are constantly flung against the vehicle's underbody and damage the protective coating there. Although in most cases touching-up rusty spots is not relevant for safety, it can nonetheless improve the lifespan of the axis. This is especially true in snowy areas in which lots of salt is used on the roads. Long and intensive exposure to salt water will eventually rust through even the most robust axis. Hammer finish enamel, underbody protection and regular underbody washes are ideal preventive measures. A can of suitable anti-rust paint costs about 15 euro per bottle and is perfectly sufficient for a rear axis. Although anti-corrosion varnish can be applied directly to corrosion, pre-treatment with penetrating oil or a rust converter can further improve the result.

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