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VOLKSWAGEN Handbrake shoes (parking brake pads)

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In VOLKSWAGEN cars spare parts such as Handbrake shoes (parking brake pads) are subject to natural wear over time. These parts should be regularly checked during the inspection or maintenance and replaced if necessary. The AutopartsPro shop appeals to a wide range of consumers with an extensive selection of car parts like Handbrake pads for a VOLKSWAGEN. The quality-certified product assortment currently includes approx. 269 items, that are available online at an attractive price-performance ratio. OEM VOLKSWAGEN spare parts in the category Parking brake pads are aimed at both private car mechanics and industrial clients. In addition to the variety of products, our online shop attaches a lot of importance to the high quality of service and advisor.

  • Handbrake shoes Specifications B120165
    VOLKSWAGEN Parking brake shoes DENCKERMANN B120165 in online shop
    DENCKERMANN | B120165
    £ 23,32 Condition:  new
  • Repair Kit, parking br... Specifications 113-0504
    VOLKSWAGEN Handbrake brake pads QUICK BRAKE 113-0504 in online shop
    QUICK BRAKE | 113-0504
    £ 6,03 Condition:  new
  • Handbrake shoes Specifications V20-4118
    VOLKSWAGEN Emergency brake shoes VAICO V20-4118 in online shop
    VAICO | V20-4118
    £ 44,24 Condition:  new
  • Control Element, parki... Specifications 4932C0002
    VOLKSWAGEN Emergency brake pads RIDEX 4932C0002 in online shop
    RIDEX | 4932C0002
    £ 32,62 Condition:  new
  • Control Element, parki... Specifications B190275
    VOLKSWAGEN Handbrake pads DENCKERMANN B190275 in online shop
    DENCKERMANN | B190275
    £ 62,09 Condition:  new
  • Handbrake shoes Specifications 9109
    VOLKSWAGEN Parking brake pads A.B.S. 9109 in online shop
    A.B.S. | 9109
    £ 16,25 Condition:  new
  • Handbrake shoes Specifications V30-7251-1
    VOLKSWAGEN Handbrake shoes (parking brake pads) VAICO V30-7251-1 in online shop
    VAICO | V30-7251-1
    £ 34,60 Condition:  new
  • Repair Kit, parking br... Specifications 113-0527
    VOLKSWAGEN Parking brake shoes QUICK BRAKE 113-0527 in online shop
    QUICK BRAKE | 113-0527
    £ 3,63 Condition:  new
  • Handbrake shoes Specifications V30-7528
    VOLKSWAGEN Handbrake brake pads VAICO V30-7528 in online shop
    VAICO | V30-7528
    £ 50,93 Condition:  new
  • Handbrake shoes Specifications 9021
    VOLKSWAGEN Emergency brake shoes A.B.S. 9021 in online shop
    A.B.S. | 9021
    £ 19,14 Condition:  new
  • Handbrake shoes Specifications 03.0137-0419.2
    VOLKSWAGEN Emergency brake pads ATE 03.0137-0419.2 in online shop
    ATE | 03.0137-0419.2
    £ 41,88 Condition:  new
  • Handbrake shoes Specifications 0 986 487 610
    VOLKSWAGEN Handbrake pads BOSCH 0 986 487 610 in online shop
    BOSCH | 0 986 487 610
    £ 30,11 Condition:  new