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Volvo is a renowned Swedish brand, under which cars of premium segment are produced since 1927. Factories of the Volvo Car Group are located in Sweden, Belgium, Malaysia and China, and its products are popular worldwide. Nowadays, the company is a part of the Geely Chinese holding company.

4 interesting facts about Volvo

  • The company owes its foundation to crawfishes. According to the story published in one of issues of the Volvo magazine in 1962, in August 1924 Assar Gabrielsson, sales manager of the SKF company, when happened to walk by the Sturehof restaurant, saw the advertisement of fresh crawfish and wished to have a snack. Having come in, he recognized his former classmate – engineer Gustaf Larson – in one of the visitors. They already had met in July of that year and discussed the idea of Volvo foundation, but Gustaf Larson hadn’t taken it seriously. But this time, however, he accepted Assar’s proposal.
  • In 1959 the company’s engineer Nils Ivar Bohlin developed and patented the world’s first three-point seat belt. The Volvo company shared this technology with other car manufacturers absolutely for free. According to Volvo specialists’ calculations, usage of three-point seat belts lowers the risk of serious injuries by 50-60%. The Bohlin’s invention is the one of the most important in the history of automotive industry, and Patent Bureau of Germany included it in the list of 8 patents of the 1885-1985 period, having the highest importance for humanity.
  • Volvo cars have set many records. In 2013, Volvo P1800S launched in 1966 was listed in The Guinness Book of World Records because its mileage exceeded 3,000,000 miles. An American Irv Gordon is the owner of this famous car.
  • Volvo cars are among the most expensive on the used car market: their resale cost is about 60-65% of the initial cost.

Volvo cars features

Volvo cars are the symbol of reliability and safety. Back in the day, engineers of the company not only invented three-point seat belts, but also created the shock-proof glass and were the first in the world to install a child seat against car movement direction, and introduced many other innovative solutions aimed at safety level increasing. Today, most Volvo cars, such as Volvo V40, Volvo S40, Volvo S80 and others are equipped with an Inflatable Curtain which protects a driver and passengers from side collision, and the bodyworks of these cars are provided with well-thought crush zones which perfectly scatter impact energy.

Seats with the special WHIPS system used in Volvo XC60, Volvo S80 and other models, reduce the risk of spine injuries by 50%.

Volvo cars are notable for elegant and restrained look. Their spacious passenger compartments are distinguished by comfort and functionality. The interior is decorated with inserts of natural wood and leather. Such models, as, for example, Volvo XC90 and Volvo S60 have leather seats already in standard configuration.

You can buy spare parts for Volvo on our website at any time. Our specialists have vast experience and will quickly help you to select the components, which will suit your car best.

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  • Spark Plug
    BOSCH Spark Plug 0 242 235 663 at favorable price
    BOSCH | 0 242 235 663
    £ 3,13 -14% £ 3,64* You save: 14% Condition:  new
  • Wiper Blade
    RIDEX Wiper Blade 298W0137 at favorable price
    RIDEX | 298W0137
    £ 4,23 -15% £ 4,98* You save: 15% Condition:  new
  • Oil Filter
    VALEO Oil Filter 586503 at favorable price
    VALEO | 586503
    £ 4,55 -14% £ 5,29* You save: 14% Condition:  new
  • Engine Oil
    CASTROL Engine Oil 1535BD at favorable price
    CASTROL | 1535BD
    £ 54,95 -15% £ 64,65* You save: 15% Condition:  new
  • Engine Oil
    ELF Engine Oil 2202840 at favorable price
    ELF | 2202840
    £ 31,79 -15% £ 37,40* You save: 15% Condition:  new
  • Spark Plug
    DENSO Spark Plug K20TT at favorable price
    DENSO | K20TT
    £ 3,97 -14% £ 4,62* You save: 14% Condition:  new
  • Oil Filter
    DENCKERMANN Oil Filter A210143 at favorable price
    DENCKERMANN | A210143
    £ 6,44 -14% £ 7,49* You save: 14% Condition:  new
  • Spark Plug
    BOSCH Spark Plug 0 242 240 593 at favorable price
    BOSCH | 0 242 240 593
    £ 3,03 -15% £ 3,56* You save: 15% Condition:  new
  • Oil Filter
    MANN-FILTER Oil Filter HU 716/2 x at favorable price
    MANN-FILTER | HU 716/2 x
    £ 8,76 -15% £ 10,31* You save: 15% Condition:  new
  • Wiper Blade
    BOSCH Wiper Blade 3 397 004 667 at favorable price
    BOSCH | 3 397 004 667
    £ 4,25 -14% £ 4,94* You save: 14% Condition:  new
  • Wheel Nut
    FEBI BILSTEIN Wheel Nut 46674 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 46674
    £ 2,65 -15% £ 3,12* You save: 15% Condition:  new
  • Bulb, indicator
    NEOLUX® Bulb, indicator N501 at favorable price
    NEOLUX® | N501
    £ 0,73 -14% £ 0,85* You save: 14% Condition:  new