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UMM is a Portuguese brand under which all-wheel-drive vehicles were produced. Many of them were used in industry and agriculture. The company was founded in 1977 in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2006, the manufacturer stopped assembling cars. Now it produces various spare parts and provides metal processing services. The Portuguese company Europeças S.A. distributes spare parts for UMM cars.

5 interesting facts about the brand

1. The first cars were made on the basis of Cournil – a car with a monocoque chassis and a body similar to that of Jeep Willys. It was designed by a French engineer, Bernard Cournil, and produced in three variants: Tracteur, Randonneur, and Entrepreneur. Peugeot engines were installed in the model.

2. The manufacturer unveiled a new model, the Alter, at the Paris Motor Show in 1984. Its main feature was three windscreen wipers installed above the windscreen.

3. The Alter II off-roader, released in 1986, was visually similar to the predecessor but had new elements, particularly, 4-speed transmission, suspension with shock absorbers. Moreover, the car had sound insulation.

4. The Popemobile, which transported Pope John Paul II during his Portugal visit, was the most famous vehicle of the brand. The car was equipped with an air-conditioner and external loudspeakers. A dome, made of a special 40 mm-thick bulletproof glass, was located in its rear part.

5. Alter 2000, the last model, was produced from 2000 till 2004. Overall, 25 vehicles were manufactured. The car was equipped with a 110 hp turbocharged diesel motor. An air-conditioner and navigation system were offered optionally.

Peculiar features of cars of this make

• Affordable price. Used off-roaders are still popular: they are relatively inexpensive and at the same time are known for their reliability, excellent off-road performance, and decent standard equipment.

• Endurance. UMM cars are able to withstand even intense loads. A proof to this is successful completion of the Paris–Dakar rally in these off-roaders: the cars were never damaged significantly.

• Durability. Some cars are still used by armies of Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde. Also, the vehicles are used by public utilities.

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  • Antifreeze
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