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Suzuki is a famous Japanese brand, under which passenger and cargo vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs and other vehicles are produced. The most interest for the company lies in small cars with high cross-country ability.

4 interesting facts about Suzuki

  • Suzuki company appeared in 1909 and mostly produced weaving looms. Later, when demand for them fell, the company founder, Michio Suzuki started looking for a solution, which will be able to save the firm from bankruptcy. His son Shunzo Suzuki came to help; he advised his father to install a small engine in a bicycle. And even drew a vehicle sketch. The inventor took son’s idea seriously and in 1951 the first motorized bicycle was created under Power Free name. The vehicle presupposes three driving modes: only by pedals, only on engine and on both of them simultaneously.
  • The first car of the company – Suzuki Suzulight – practically became the establisher of a new car class in Japan which took name Kei car or K-car. At time of its release, the car could impress with a whole set of innovative solutions: independent front and rear suspensions, rack-and-pinion steering mechanism, front engine location and other novelties. Length of the car was 2990 mm, width – 1295 and height – 1400 mm. Regardless to its compact size, the car was equipped with 16-inch wheels, – only because Japanese manufacturers of that time did not produce tyres of smaller diameter.
  • In 1970, the first full-drive car of the company was produced – Suzuki Jimny. Its name is combined from two words: “jeep” and “mini”. Firstly, mini-jeep was sold only in Japan, as its 0.36 L engine had only 24 hp. Eventually developers had increased power of the car, and after that it gained worldwide popularity. Suzuki Jimny is still being manufactured nowadays.
  • One of the most well-known cars of the brand became Suzuki Liana, which entered the market in 2001. The model name is an acronym from words “Life in a New Age”. Debut of the model took place on Geneva Motor Show in 2001. In spite of simple exterior, small price and unremarkable technical characteristics, the car gained popularity amongst celebrities. It’s all because of the fact, that three years in a row, 2002-2005, Suzuki Liana was the only star of Top Gear show in the category of “Best car for reasonable money”. During all years of participation in the show, the car made 1600 test tracks and its tyres and brakes were replaced no less than 100 times. Generally, the model withstood tests worthy: the clutch had to be replaced only 6 times and the wheel hub – two times. Also the drive shafts, transverse arms, shock struts, toothed racks and rear view mirror required replacement.

Peculiarities of Suzuki cars

A distinctive feature of the most brand’s cars is compact size, simple but ergonomic design, affordable price and excellent cross-country ability. The embodiment of these company principles became Suzuki Ignis, presented on Tokyo Motor Show in 2015. Minimalistic design, increased road clearance and excellent full-drive technologies are making it suitable for urban roads as well as for off-road trips. And hybrid system SHVS allows to significantly reduce fuel expenses.

Safety of the Suzuki models is also on the top level. For example, Suzuki Vitara and SX4 are equipped with 7 airbags, dynamic stabilization system even in the basic configuration, and their bodies are made of special grades of high-tensile steel. High levels of passive and active safety are approved by results of independent researches: Suzuki Swift10, SX413 and Vitara15 were awarded with the highest rating of 5 stars in the EuroNCAP tests.

Interior of the cars is also worth mentioning. It is notable for simplicity and moderateness, at the same time looking stylish and expensive. The passenger compartment has comfortable seats, which provide good support and instruments indications are easy-to-read.

You can buy spare parts for Suzuki here. We send an order right after its processing, that is why, even if a defect took you by surprise, you will be able to repair your car in the shortest time.

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