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A Japanese car brand Subaru is known around the whole world due to numerous innovative developments, high quality of products and motorsport achievements. The company manufactures passenger cars since 1953.

5 interesting facts about Subaru

  • In the 50’s the company aimed to create a small people's car. Thus, in 1958, a very compact model 360 appeared; it got the “ladybug” nickname for a specific roundish body shape. Today this car is in high demand amongst collectors. Moreover, it appears in “Pokemon” and “GetBackers” Japanese cartoons aa well as “Gran Turismo” and “Auto Modellista” video games.
  • In 1972 the world’s first four-wheel drive passenger car was released under Subaru brand – Leone station wagon.
  • Drivers of Subaru brand cars won prestigious competitions on many occasions. For instance, in 2008 Impreza sedan became the first 4-door and first all-wheel drive car, to win Super GT race. Moreover, drivers won “Silverstone Race to the Sky” in 2001 and “Mount Washington Hillclimb Auto Race” in 2011, 2014, 2017 sitting behind the wheel of Impreza.
  • The company pays great attention to reduction of harmful emissions; in particular, it started development of electric cars. Moreover, the production process is organized the way that there is no need to build landfills. Most of Subaru components are recyclable. Thus, the recycling coefficient for brand cars with expired operation lifespan is 97,3%.
  • Since 1980 Subaru offers comfortable cars, taking into account needs of passengers with disabilities. Today, such vehicles are included in “Transcare” series. Particularly, Chiffon minivan is offered; it allows easy wheelchair loading and its comfortable sitting in the passenger compartment. There are models with various body types, equipped with rotating seats and manual control.

Features of Subaru cars

  • Unique engine construction. All brand cars are equipped with original horizontally-opposed boxer engines. Such engine construction allows to reduce vibration and lower cars centre of gravity, which in its turn, promotes driving safety.
  • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. Due to mounting location of the engine and transmission components, company specialists are able to achieve high stability and steerability of Subaru cars. Perfectly balanced all-wheel drive provides perfect grip of the wheels with a road surface and gives sense of confidence during driving.
  • An assortment of the advanced safety systems. Cars of the make are equipped with the modern driver assist systems, such as Hill-Start Assist, Vehicle Dynamics Control, Active Lane Keep and others. Much attention is paid to passive safety. Particularly, the body is designed to provide maximum observability to the driver. While in case of collision the power unit is pushed under the cabin, not into the passenger compartment.

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TOP bestselling SUBARU accessories

  • Bulb, indicator
    HELLA Bulb, indicator 8GD 002 078-121 at favorable price
    HELLA | 8GD 002 078-121
    £ 0,90 -33% £ 1,34 You save: 33% Condition:  brand new
  • Antifreeze
    K2 Antifreeze T201C at favorable price
    K2 | T201C
    £ 3,72 -14% £ 4,33 You save: 14% Condition:  brand new
  • Spark Plug
    RIDEX Spark Plug 686S0003 at favorable price
    RIDEX | 686S0003
    £ 1,66 -51% £ 3,39 You save: 51% Condition:  brand new
  • Engine Oil
    CASTROL Engine Oil 15A4D5 at favorable price
    CASTROL | 15A4D5
    £ 24,65 -15% £ 29,00 You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Bulb, licence plate light
    HELLA Bulb, licence plate light 8GM 002 092-121 at favorable price
    HELLA | 8GM 002 092-121
    £ 0,84 -14% £ 0,98 You save: 14% Condition:  brand new
  • Engine Oil
    CASTROL Engine Oil 15669E at favorable price
    CASTROL | 15669E
    £ 48,44 -15% £ 56,99 You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Engine Oil
    CASTROL Engine Oil 1552FD at favorable price
    CASTROL | 1552FD
    £ 48,44 -15% £ 56,99 You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Engine Oil
    TOTAL Engine Oil 2204218 at favorable price
    TOTAL | 2204218
    £ 34,58 -15% £ 40,68 You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Spark Plug
    RIDEX Spark Plug 686S0005 at favorable price
    RIDEX | 686S0005
    £ 2,36 -14% £ 2,74 You save: 14% Condition:  brand new
  • Spark Plug
    BERU Spark Plug UPT12P at favorable price
    BERU | UPT12P
    £ 6,72 -15% £ 7,91 You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Brake Fluid
    ATE Brake Fluid 03.9901-5802.2 at favorable price
    ATE | 03.9901-5802.2
    £ 8,95 -15% £ 10,53 You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Spark Plug
    RIDEX Spark Plug 686S0002 at favorable price
    RIDEX | 686S0002
    £ 1,87 -47% £ 3,53 You save: 47% Condition:  brand new