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Smart is a Deutsch car brand that belongs to Daimler AG concern. Small cars, mostly intended for urban driving are produced under the brand.

5 interesting facts about Smart

  • Regardless to its compact size - car length is 2695 mm, width – 1559 mm and height – 1542 mm - interior of Smart ForTwo was quite spacious: 20 girls at the same time sat inside it in 2016. Achievement was noted in the Guinness Book of World Records. According to requirements of the book, only girls no smaller than 152 cm and who turned 18 were able to participate in record setting.
  • The car name means “wise guy”. But also it stands for Swatch Mercedes Art, where Smart and Mercedes are names of the companies who joined for creation of the small city car, while “art” suggests affiliation with art. In point of fact, design of the first car, produced under Smart brand – City-Coupe model, turned out so bright and individual, that in 2002 it became an exhibit item of “Autobodies: speed, sport, transport” exposition in New York Museum of Modern Art.
  • Smart Fortwo of unusual colour was produced by specialists of Q-Pot company in Japan in 2011. Especially for St. Valentine’s Day the car was painted as a chocolate bar. According to opinion of Tadaaki Wakamatsu (director of the company), the car should be excellent gift for holiday, because on this day the Japanese traditionally present chocolate to each other.
  • In 2016 the Ukrainian car enthusiast Georgy Kosilov created the off-roader on the platform of Smart Fortwo hatchback, on which he masterfully overcome even the hardest track parts and participate in off-road challenges. For car tuning he used units from models of Honda, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen and a range of parts he developed himself. Besides, the idea of Georgy is not unique: an interesting concept-car Smart Forfun2 was created in 2006 by the Greek rally champion Stefan Attart. Taking the car body of the Smart Fortwo, Stefan put it on the platform of Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 series and installed 5.7L capacity engine, 26” wheels with height about 1.4 meters, pneumatic suspension with manual control on the car.
  • Thanks to unusual exterior the Smart cars are often become an object for tuning. In 2010 the artist Magda Sayeg created a crocheted multicolour cover for Smart. And in 2015, one of the Daimler subsidiary companies presented experimental Smart Fortwo model, fully covered with grass. The project took “Green Skin” name. According to opinion of its creators, such car is able to consume up to 7 kg of CO2 per year.

Peculiarities of Smart cars

The main advantage of the brand cars is their compact sizes, providing many possibilities at parking, as well as its economical efficiency, allowing not only to reduce fuel expenses, but also to reduce amount of harmful emissions to the atmosphere. For example, Smart Fortwo Coupe consumes only 3.9 liters / 100 km on highway, and 5-door 4-seat hatchback Smart Forfour – 4.53 liters.

An innovative research of the company is the passive safety system with Tridion capsule. It represented by a frame, made of high-tensile steel with provided deformation zones. At accident, impact energy spreads around the whole capsule and partially passes to other car, taking part in accident. Presence of the rigid frame allows to significantly reduce car body weight, as its panels are made of plastic.

Special attention is required to stylish, bright and modern design of the model. All exterior and interior elements carry not only esthetical but practical function, which made the car very comfortable in exploitation. For example, a rear view camera is embedded into hood badge of new Smart Forfour. The front seats have a soft trim on the back side which provides comfort seating for passengers of the second row. Also in the backs of the front seats are provided fastenings for the tablets. 7-inch display of the multimedia system is constantly connected with a smartphone and reveals a wide range of adjustments of important functions and notifications.

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