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Saab is a Swedish brand, under which passenger cars have been produced since 1947. The same-named manufacturing company was established 10 years earlier and initially was specialized on fighter aircraft building. In different years the company belonged to Saab-Scania AB, General Motors, Investor AB, Spyker Cars NV. In 2012 company assets were purchased by the holding company National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), which produces electric cars. Four years later, the concern announced cancelling of Saab brand.

4 interesting facts about Saab

  • Use of the cars in rally sport brought the popularity to the brand. Thus, in 1986, 9000 Turbos car set more than 20 international records at Talladega Superspeedway track in Alabama state, the USA. Particularly, the car traveled 100 000 kilometres at the average speed of 213 km/h.
  • Nowadays, the brand is used by the Sweden company, Orio AB, which produces brake discs, cabin filters, bearings and many other Saab components. The company sells spare parts to the authorized dealers and directly to car owners.
  • The iconic car of the brand is 900 model in convertible version, production of which started in 1986. Totally, about 300 000 of its copies were sold. The roof of this car folded only in 20 seconds, even during driving at speed up to 28 km/h. It was characterized by increased moisture resistance. In order to prove it, the manufacturer poured almost 1500 litres of water on the roof during testing.
  • In most Saab cars the ignition module is located behind the gearbox lever. According to opinion of the company constructors, such location should be less dangerous for the driver in case of a road accident.

Features of Saab cars

  • Excellent aerodynamic characteristics. Thanks to experience in aircraft design, the company engineers created the cars of streamlined body form, which had a low aerodynamic drag coefficient. For instance, 92 model cars, released in 1949, had that coefficient of only 0.3.
  • High safety level. The cars were equipped with numerous systems, reducing risk of a road accident. For example, the most popular models had Nightpanel function, which allowed to black out all instruments, excluding the speedometer. The driver was not distracted from the road thanks to this.
  • Advanced technologies. Many Saab cars, apart from the trip computer, were provided with a screen, on which warning information was displayed. These were messages about low battery charge, low cooling fluid level, necessity of maintenance, etc.

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  • Engine Oil
    CASTROL Engine Oil 15218F at favorable price
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  • Bulb, licence plate light
    HELLA Bulb, licence plate light 8GP 003 594-121 at favorable price
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  • Engine Oil
    TOTAL Engine Oil 2204218 at favorable price
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