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Pontiac is an American car make established in 1926. It belonged to General Motors concern. Muscle cars were the most popular among vehicles produced under this trademark. Since 2010, new vehicles bearing this logo are not produced anymore.

5 interesting facts about Pontiac

1. The GTO model, production of which started in 1964, is often considered to have set the trend for muscle cars. The first generation was released in body versions of a coupe, convertible and hardtop. Coupes and liftbacks of the third generation were discontinued in 1974, and coupes of the fourth generation were relaunched after a long break – in 2004.

2. The Bonneville saloon of 1992 production year was the first General Motors vehicle equipped with a passenger airbag.

3. The Grand Am was among the best-selling cars in the world. Overall, more than 4 million units were bought. Its exterior and interior were luxurious and sporty at the same time.

4. Cars of this brand were often used in filmmaking. For example, the Firebird model can be seen in the TV-series called «Knight Rider». The main character of the «Breaking Bad» TV series used the Aztek car. In the «Transformers», the sports car Solstice represented an Autobot named Jazz.

5. In 2018, the American magazine «Consumer Reports» included the Vibe into its list of best-used cars under 20,000 $. It is a good option for those who want to buy a reliable car inexpensively. This vehicle will serve faultlessly with high-quality spare parts for Pontiac cars being readily available.

Peculiar features of cars of this make

• Eye-catching exterior. The body of some brand cars resembled a Coca-Cola bottle if viewed sideways. Such an appearance was fashionable at that time. Even the following models maintained some peculiar features that made Pontiac cars stand out. For example, it was an original radiator grille, recognizable lamp outlines, copious round elements in the interior. An interesting design solution was to place instruments in recesses on the dashboard.

• High-performance engines developed in-house. For a period of time, they used engines of increased power for cars of this brand. For example, some V8 power units had an output of 390 hp.

• Elegant interior trimming. It was a special feature of the Grand Am causing it to stand out among typical American cars of that time. Seats could be trimmed with velvet or synthetic leather. Redwood was used for dashboard decoration. A soft steering wheel cover provided more comfort to the driver during vehicle operation.

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  • Engine Oil
    ELF Engine Oil 2202840 at favorable price
    ELF | 2202840
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  • Brake Fluid
    ATE Brake Fluid 03.9901-5803.2 at favorable price
    ATE | 03.9901-5803.2
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  • Bulb, indicator
    NEOLUX® Bulb, indicator N501 at favorable price
    NEOLUX® | N501
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  • Engine Oil
    CASTROL Engine Oil 1535BC at favorable price
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  • Spark Plug
    BOSCH Spark Plug 0 242 232 802 at favorable price
    BOSCH | 0 242 232 802
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  • Engine Oil
    CASTROL Engine Oil 15218F at favorable price
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  • Oil Filter
    CHAMPION Oil Filter COF100165S at favorable price
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  • Spark Plug
    RIDEX Spark Plug 686S0002 at favorable price
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  • Bulb, indicator
    OSRAM Bulb, indicator 2825 at favorable price
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  • Spark Plug
    BOSCH Spark Plug 0 242 232 502 at favorable price
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  • Spark Plug
    NGK Spark Plug 7060 at favorable price
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  • Engine Oil
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