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autopartspro.co.uk offers the following payment methods.

Credit card:
Select online on the page of the payment methods „Credit card“, and then click on the button "buy". This takes you to the secure page to select the type of your credit card and to enter your personal data. Then you confirm your payment by clicking.

Your account will be charged after delivery of the ordered goods.

By PayPal:
If you have a private account with PayPal, you will be directed to PayPal right after the confirmation. There you pay, after login to our bank account, without further charges for you. As soon as the amount has been received by us, the delivery of the article takes place.

Via online bank transfer:
With the direct ways for transfers by Bank Transfer Payment Network AG you have the possibility of a payment directly from your online account. We get the receipt of the payment in real time and will be able to ship the goods immediately. Stock article will be delivered to you faster.

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