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Hummer is an American car brand which produced SUVs from 1992 to 2010. Initially the brand belonged to AM General, later – to General Motors. The brand headquarters was located in Detroit, Michigan.

4 interesting facts about Hummer

  • The first brand model, H1, produced in 1992, was based on M998 Humvee. It was developed by AM General corporation for the United States Armed Forces.
  • H3 car became the smallest SUV of the company and had a nickname Baby Hummer. Its length was 4778 mm, width – 1897 mm, height – 1872 mm. High-quality Hummer spare parts, good handling in off-road conditions, comfortable interior made the model famous.
  • In 2004 the first Hummer with the hydrogen engine was presented. H2H model was developed as the part of the election campaign of Arnold Schwarzenegger who stood for election of governor of California. Schwarzenegger assured electors that using such devices would reduce quantity of harmful emissions by 50% and promised to build the filling station network for the cars working on hydrogene. Also he said that he would install the hydrogen engine on his Hummer. In October, 2004, Schwarzenegger implemented this idea and drove on his unusual car to the Los-Angeles airport to open the first hydrogen filling station in the country.
  • H2 model was so popular that the manufacturers decided to create it in the version of limousine. The car of 22 people capacity became the most popular vehicle which was rented for festive evenings not only in the USA but also in Australia and Great Britain.

Features of Hummer cars

  • Creative body performance. Exterior of all off-roaders has features of military vehicles: angular body lines, massive radiator grilles, large bumpers, expanded wheel arches. Such brutal design distinguishes brand cars among rivals’ vehicles: Hummer cars are still popular nowadays.
  • Versatility and good passing ability. High road clearance of cars allows them to easily overrun any obstacles: from rocky hills to sand dunes. The traction control system of H2 model provides good gripping with the road surface. The car can climb hills up to 40 cm and overrun fords of 50 cm depth.
  • Comfortable and spacious interior. 4 passengers can comfortably sit in the rear part of Hummer off-roaders. All seats are covered with leather and equipped with heating. The pneumatic suspension, all brand cars are equipped with, perfectly damps unevennesses and provides smooth car driving. The climate control system is responsible for comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment in any weather.

You can buy spare parts for Hummer online in our online-shop. We offer only high-quality spark plugs, windscreen wiper blades and other components from proven manufacturers.

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