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Ford USA is an American brand under which passenger cars and commercial vehicles are produced mostly for the U.S. market. The company, established in 1903, is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan.

6 interesting facts about the brand

1. Model T, the first car of the make for mass sales, was launched in 1908. It was coming off the production line for 19 years. During this time, about 15 million units were sold. In 1927, the car was replaced with model A. It was manufactured in body versions of a coupe, saloon, and convertible. It was the world’s first vehicle to have safety glass in the windscreen.

2. The company holds the credit for many technical innovations. For example, in 1932, for the first time in the automotive mass market, they started using 8-cylinder engines as components for Ford USA cars. The notorious gangster couple, Bonnie and Clyde, were the owners of such a V8 coupe.

3. During World War II, the company suspended the production of civil vehicles and turned to special vehicles, aircraft, tanks. The enterprise manufactured over 8,000 4-engine heavy bombers B-24.

4. The Mustang, featuring a sporty exterior combined with a not-so-powerful engine, went on sale in 1964. It was awarded «Car of the Year» by a popular American magazine «Motor Trend» twice: in 1974 and 1994. The creation of this compact car caused a whole series of similar vehicles, nicknamed «pony cars», to appear on the market.

5. At the end of the XX century, the Escort released in 1981 became one of the best-selling Ford USA cars. It was the first front-wheel-drive car of this make on the North American market. It was produced in body versions of an estate car, 3- and 5-door hatchbacks.

6. The manufacturer produces eco-friendly vehicles, equipped with electric power units. The first electric vehicle of this make was the Focus Electric, unveiled in 2011 in the USA. The manufacturer used a Li-Ion battery and synchronous motor producing 145 hp. Focus Electric was able to reach 137 km/h.

Peculiar features of Ford USA cars

• Wide assortment. More than 30 models in various trims are available for the U.S. market. For instance, 14 variants of the V8 were offered.

• High-performance power units. The company uses engines with excellent operational characteristics. For instance, the EcoBoost, released in 2009, is notable for its high power, compact sizes, and low level of carbon dioxide emissions. The Flathead V8 engine, developed in 1932, was proclaimed one of the best engines of the XX century by an American magazine «Ward’s AutoWorld».

• High safety level. Starting from 1954, the company performs regular crash-testing of its cars to improve safety systems. As of 2014, more than 31,000 tests were performed around the world.

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  • Engine Oil
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  • Wiper Blade
    HELLA Wiper Blade 9XW 178 878-181 at favorable price
    HELLA | 9XW 178 878-181
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  • Bulb, indicator
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    HELLA | 8GD 002 078-121
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  • Transmission Oil
    SHELL Transmission Oil 550027967 at favorable price
    SHELL | 550027967
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  • Spark Plug
    RIDEX Spark Plug 686S0002 at favorable price
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  • Spark Plug
    BERU Spark Plug UPT2 at favorable price
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  • Engine Oil
    CASTROL Engine Oil 1552FD at favorable price
    CASTROL | 1552FD
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  • Bulb, licence plate light
    HELLA Bulb, licence plate light 8GP 003 594-121 at favorable price
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  • Spark Plug
    DENSO Spark Plug IK20TT at favorable price
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