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Ferrari S.p.A. is a famous Italian automobile manufacturer established by Enzo Ferrari in 1947. Racing and sports cars are produced under the Ferrari brand. Headquarters and the factory of Ferrari are located in a small town Maranello, Italy. Today, the company is a member of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

5 interesting facts about Ferrari

  • Enzo Ferrari took interest in auto racing since childhood. So when he was 20 he took a job with the CMN company as a racing test driver, and two years later got a job at Alfa Romeo. In 1929 together with his friends and colleagues he founded a racing team – Scuderia Ferrari - which raced Alfa Romeo cars for long. In 1938 the Alfa Romeo team and the Ferrari team decided to join, but in 1939 racers of Enzo started to race individually.
  • The Ferrari emblem is a black stallion prancing against the golden background. During the World War I, the prancing stallion was pictured on the fighter aircraft of the Italian ace Francesco Baracca, who was shot down near Montello. In 1923, participating in races, Enzo met Francesco’s parents, and the Сountess Paolina Baracca proposed him to use her son’s emblem on his automobiles as a symbol that would bring luck to the enterprise.
  • The traditional color of Ferrari cars is red. It is all because in the early twentieth century each country was assigned its own color in races. Teams from France participated on blue cars, from Great Britain – on green ones, Germany took silver color and Italy – red. Thus, Alfa Romeo racing cars, and consequently Ferrari, were of red color, which eventually became a tradition.
  • In 2004 the company gifted the last produced Enzo car with a 6 liter engine to Pope John Paul II. The Pontiff didn’t use the gift and put it on a charity auction. He sent the raised money to the suffered from the hurricane in Indonesia.
  • The most expensive car of the Italian manufacturer is Ferrari 250 GTO produced in 1963. In 2013, such a car was sold at auction for 52 million dollars.

Features of Ferrari cars

All Ferrari models are notable for the manual assembly and are produced in a small amount. Ferrari FXX was manufactured in the amount of 30 units, Ferrari 500 Superfast37, Ferrari 250 GTO39.

The company always produced automobiles of top level, so nowadays, developers have to exceed themselves - to create more fast, powerful and lightweight cars. The distinctive style and aerodynamics of Ferrari are the features making these cars recognizable on road. In 2015 the company produced Ferrari 488 model with aerodynamic drag coefficient of only 1.67, which is the best result through all history of the company.

Today, the highest power mass production car of Ferrari is 812 Superfast. The maximum power of its 12-cylinder engine is 800 hp, which allows to accelerate to 340 km/h. For the first time in history of Ferrari, the electric power steering is installed in 812 Superfast, while the Side Slip Control system adds steerability to the car.

GTC4Lusso T and GTC4Lusso are representatives of Ferrari’s 4-seat supercars line. GTC4Lusso T is a rear drive car equipped with V8 3.9L turbocharged engine, which was declared the best in its category according to the results of International Engine of the Year 2016 contest. GTC4Lusso has a 12-cylinder engine under the hood, also the model boasts the intelligent full drive system which, in combination with the rear steer axle, allows a driver to feel confident even in poor weather conditions.

You can buy spare parts for Ferrari on our website. The vast components range allows to select the very part, which will be optimal for your vehicle.

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