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DS is a French trademark of prestigious cars, which belongs to PSA Groupe holding. It was established in 2009 by Citroën company in order to produce premium-class cars. Since 2014 it is an independent brand, and its headquarters is located in Paris, France.

3 interesting facts about DS

  • The first car, which became the prototype for brand vehicles, was released by Citroën in 1955. It was DS19 model, which was created by engineer Pierre Boulanger, aircraft designer André Lefèbvre and artist Flaminio Bertoni. Due to the combination of futuristic design and the latest technologies, never seen before, the car quickly became famous worldwide. In 1999 it took the third place in a prestigious “Car of the Century” contest.
  • The company is also known for production of hi-tec DS spare parts. The innovative solution of the company is Turbo PureTech petrol engine. In 2015 it was proclaimed the best amongst similar 1.0–1.4 litre components.
  • This brand is very popular amongst French politicians. Presidents of France repeatedly choose DS cars for inauguration celebrations. In 2012 François Hollande drove DS5 model, and in 2017, Emmanuel Macron arrived to the event in 7 Crossback crossover.

Features of DS cars

  • Elegant design. DS cars are notable for avant-garde style and unusual exterior and interior design. The headlights resembling crystals, radiator grille of the hexagonal shape, 3D Full Led rear lights with scale pattern and dynamic turn indicators, alloy wheels with diamond polishing in various colours – all these features add originality to the cars. DS3 model has two colours: the body and roof can be coated in different shades of a colour scale, or be contrasting to each other. High-quality grain leather, natural fine wood, alcantara and aluminium are used for interior trimming.
  • High-end technologies. A popular model – 7 Crossback is equipped with two multifunctional 12- and 7-inch displays. The first one controls the navigation system, original communication system and multimedia equipment while the second one is a digital dashboard.
  • Fuel efficiency. Highly efficient petrol and diesel engines, in combination with 8-speed transmission, providing instant gears switching, help to reduce fuel consumption by 4%.

You can buy spare parts for DS online on our website. We set affordable prices for all products. Moreover, purchasing a few parts at the same time, for instance, brake discs and calipers, you will be able to save money on delivery.

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TOP bestselling DS accessories

  • Bulb, spotlight
    HELLA Bulb, spotlight 8GH 007 157-121 at favorable price
    HELLA | 8GH 007 157-121
    £ 2,85 -29% MSRP: £ 4,00 You save: 29%
  • Oil Filter
    MANN-FILTER Oil Filter HU 711/51 x at favorable price
    MANN-FILTER | HU 711/51 x
    £ 7,47 -26% MSRP: £ 10,00 You save: 26%
  • Brake Pad Set, disc brake
    BREMBO Brake Pad Set, disc brake P 85 020 at favorable price
    BREMBO | P 85 020
    £ 17,08
  • Engine Oil
    TOTAL Engine Oil 2198275 at favorable price
    TOTAL | 2198275
    £ 28,37 -26% MSRP: £ 38,00 You save: 26%
  • Bulb, indicator
    HELLA Bulb, indicator 8GA 002 073-121 at favorable price
    HELLA | 8GA 002 073-121
    £ 0,67 -33% MSRP: £ 1,00 You save: 33%
  • Seal Ring, nozzle holder
    BOSCH Seal Ring, nozzle holder F 00V C17 504 at favorable price
    BOSCH | F 00V C17 504
    £ 1,23 -39% MSRP: £ 2,00 You save: 39%
  • Engine Oil
    CASTROL Engine Oil 1599DC at favorable price
    CASTROL | 1599DC
    £ 41,34 -27% MSRP: £ 56,00 You save: 27%
  • Wheel Bolt
    FEBI BILSTEIN Wheel Bolt 21175 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 21175
    £ 1,17 -42% MSRP: £ 2,00 You save: 42%
  • Brake Pad Set, disc brake
    RIDEX Brake Pad Set, disc brake 402B0029 at favorable price
    RIDEX | 402B0029
    £ 9,10 -31% MSRP: £ 13,00 You save: 31%
  • Bulb, indicator
    HELLA Bulb, indicator 8GA 006 841-121 at favorable price
    HELLA | 8GA 006 841-121
    £ 5,77 -28% MSRP: £ 8,00 You save: 28%
  • Brake Pad Set, disc brake
    BREMBO Brake Pad Set, disc brake P 61 066 at favorable price
    BREMBO | P 61 066
    £ 21,59
  • Brake Disc
    BREMBO Brake Disc 09.8695.14 at favorable price
    BREMBO | 09.8695.14
    £ 19,46