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Dodge is a well-known American automobile brand. The Dodge brothers’ company was established at the beginning of the 1900th. In 1928 the Dodge brand belonged to the Chrysler corporation. In the period of 1998-2007 the Dodge company was a part of the Daimler-Benz AG alliance. Nowadays it is a subsidiary company of the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) automotive concern.

5 interesting facts about Dodge

  • The company owes its name to its founders – Dodge brothers whose names were Horace Elgin and John Francis.
  • Before the start of its own cars manufacturing, the Dodge company specialized in production of components for Oldsmobile and Ford cars.
  • The first car made by the company is a 4-door cabriolet – Dodge Model 30 also known as Old Betsy - was produced in 1914. The car had an all-metal body, a 35-horsepower engine, transmission with the camshaft mechanism and an electric starter. Thanks to popularity of the model in 1916, the company was ranked second for sales in the USA.
  • In 1939 the company performed restyling of cars, totally changing their bodies. Cars of renewed series were called Luxury Liners. One of the most popular models was D-II Deluxe sedan with advanced equipment: hydraulic power windows, and headlights integrated into front fenders.
  • In 2016 on Arsunda Speed Weekend amateur challenge, held in Sweden, Dodge Challenger Hellcat sport car set a world record in speed on ice. The car accelerated to 274 km/h speed. Average speed on the whole distance was 261 km/h.

Features of Dodge cars

Dodge cars have a recognizable design and impressive dynamic characteristics. Many models, like, for example, Dodge RAM and Dodge Viper became the legends of American car industry. Nowadays, coupes, sedans, off-roaders, crossovers, minivans and pickups are produced under the Dodge brand.

Dodge cars are notable for their high power. So, for example, revamped Dodge Challenger is equipped with engines of 3.6-6.4L capacity and has the power output of up to 477 hp. And Dodge Viper SRT, 2015, having a V-type 10 cylinder motor, develops 654 hp power.

Very recently, the new Challenger SRT Demon was presented which will be the first mass production car with TransBrake device for quick starts. For activation of this mode, convenient gearshift paddles mounted under the steering wheel are used. The sports car is able to start at 2350 rpm. The vehicle is equipped with a mechanical turbocharger of 2,7 L volume, a dual pump fuel system, and reinforced pistons. Also an engine of 6,2 L capacity and 850 hp power is installed, having three sources of intake air: through the bonnet, through an inlet in the area of one of the headlights, and through an air duct in the wheel arch. There is only one seat in the cabin – the driver’s.

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  • Transmission Oil
    SHELL Transmission Oil 550027967 at favorable price
    SHELL | 550027967
    £ 9,41 -15% £ 11,07* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Spark Plug
    RIDEX Spark Plug 686S0005 at favorable price
    RIDEX | 686S0005
    £ 2,43 -14% £ 2,83* You save: 14% Condition:  brand new
  • Engine Oil
    TOTAL Engine Oil 2198206 at favorable price
    TOTAL | 2198206
    £ 29,63 -15% £ 34,86* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Antifreeze
    K2 Antifreeze T201C at favorable price
    K2 | T201C
    £ 4,41 -15% £ 5,19* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Bellow Set, drive shaft
    AUTOFREN SEINSA Bellow Set, drive shaft D8000E at favorable price
    £ 6,98 -15% £ 8,21* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Spark Plug
    BOSCH Spark Plug 0 242 240 593 at favorable price
    BOSCH | 0 242 240 593
    £ 3,30 -15% £ 3,88* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Sealing Plug, oil sump
    FEBI BILSTEIN Sealing Plug, oil sump 15374 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 15374
    £ 2,58 -15% £ 3,04* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Seal, oil drain plug
    ELRING Seal, oil drain plug 115.100 at favorable price
    ELRING | 115.100
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  • Engine Oil
    ELF Engine Oil 2202840 at favorable price
    ELF | 2202840
    £ 23,40 -15% £ 27,53* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Spark Plug
    DENSO Spark Plug K20TT at favorable price
    DENSO | K20TT
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  • Spark Plug
    RIDEX Spark Plug 686S0002 at favorable price
    RIDEX | 686S0002
    £ 1,85 -51% £ 3,78* You save: 51% Condition:  brand new
  • Bulb, licence plate light
    HELLA Bulb, licence plate light 8GP 003 594-121 at favorable price
    HELLA | 8GP 003 594-121
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