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Dacia is a Romanian trademark, under which budget cars are produced since 1966. Currently, sedans, minivans, SUVs, station wagons and hatchbacks are manufactured under this brand. Cars are exported to 34 world countries. The Dacia company is a subsidiary company of Renault French automotive concern.

5 interesting facts about Dacia

  • The company owes its name to a historical territory, Dacia; in the time of the Roman Empire, it was a place lying north of the Balkan Mountains between the rivers Tisa, Dniester, Danube and the Carpathian Mountains. Today, Romania is located on this territory.
  • At first, an eagle, the symbol of Romania, was pictured on the emblem. The modern company logo is an inverted letter “D” with the company’s name on its edge. It appeared first in 2008 on the Dacia Sandero model.
  • The first car manufactured by the company was Dacia 1100, produced in 1968. It was a complete copy of Renault R8 French model.
  • Dacia 1300 model was in production for 35 years (1969-2004), without changes in its basic construction.
  • The Dacia factory in Mioveni produces 1300 cars per day, which is equal to 60 car units per hour or 1 car per minute.

Features of Dacia cars

Cars of the Dacia company have modest, laconic design. Chromed body elements add a modern look to the car models. The updated Dacia Logan is factory-prepared for rough roads and severe climatic conditions. The revamped Dacia Sandero is distinguished by a new radiator grill and a bumper, as well as improved front optics. A rear view camera and the Hill Start Assist system appeared in the available equipment list. Moreover, changes affected the car interior. The steering wheel obtained four spokes, and the passenger compartment was equipped with additional niches for storing small items.

Full-drive Dacia Duster became one of the most affordable off-roaders. Upgraded front optics was added with LED daytime running lights. The offroader got the new generation navigation system, modernized cruise control, Eco Mode option which helps to save fuel, and upgraded safety kit as well.

Dacia Dokker is perfect for family travels. Its features are: sliding doors, a spacious passenger compartment, and a luggage compartment with volume of 3,9 m³.

Another specific feature of Dacia models is a high road clearance. So, for example, Dacia Sandero Stepway hatchback has 185 mm clearance, and off-roader Dacia Duster200 mm. High off-road capability is achieved thanks to this feature.

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