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The electrics in a car is responsible for the transmission of all signals that are necessary for operating a vehicle. The electrics and electronic components have gained massive complexity in the last twenty years. As a result, the vehicles today are much safer and more comfortable. However, the electric problems are one the most common damage and repair cases on a vehicle.

Components of the electrics in a vehicle

The electrics of a vehicle consists of five components: 1. The input devices are the switches with which the user of the vehicle can manage signals. This includes all the switches on the dashboard, the pedals, the switches for seat adjustment and electric windows. The switches are easy to access and replace. But often it is enough to thoroughly clean a defective switch to make it function again. 2. The signal lines are the wiring in a vehicle. In this respect, each vehicle has a main wiring harness installed, from which several secondary lines branch off. The complexity of vehicle electronics today requires a complex wiring, which proves to be very susceptible in many vehicle models. Nowadays, to determine an error in the signal line you need a read-out device. 3. The sensor system of a vehicle consists of the input devices which trigger themselves, without the active involvement of the operator. These include the ABS sensors, the lambda probe, various speedometers, fuel gauge, temperature sensors, light sensors, and more. Defective sensors can lead to dangerous driving situations. They must be checked exactly according to the inspection schedule and replaced as a precaution, if required. The amount of sensors in a vehicle is constantly increasing. Since recently, for example, tire pressure sensors are now mandatory on new vehicles. These sensors are located in the vehicle wheels and must be retrofitted when changing a wheel, if necessary. 4. The control of the electronics in a vehicle takes place today in the center of one or more control devices. Specifically, the engine management system is permanently monitored by a central control unit. This is necessary in order to efficiently make use of the fuel and to prevent damage to the catalyst. The controller receives its signals from the sensors and sends the converted and fitted values to the ignition system and the injection system. The ignition system consists of the spark and glow plugs (depending on whether it is a gasoline or a diesel vehicle), the ignition cables and the ignition voltage transformer. The entire electricity for the electronics is generated in the alternator, which is driven by the motor and which stores current in the vehicle battery. 5. The output devices of the vehicle electronics are mainly the lights outside and inside of the vehicle. These include the front lights, consisting of headlights with dipped and main beam, the turn signals, the fog lights, the cornering lights and the day lights. At the rear we have brake, tail, rear fog and flashing lights. Even the connection for the firing of a trailer belongs to the electrical system. The output devices in the interior of the vehicle consist of a variety of lights and digital displays on the dashboard as well as interior lighting. The seats, the motor of the electronic seat adjustment, the fan and convenience features such as cooled glove compartments can be counted among the output devices.

Typical damage of the electronics

Defective display, poor engine running, striking lifting motors - the symptoms for electronic damage can be very diverse. Only an error reader gives an accurate information.
The entire vehicle electronics consists of sensitive components, which are subject to a more or less strong wear. Sensors that are exposed or thermally highly stressed such as ABS sensors, tachometer or lambda probe have to be replaced according to the maintenance schedule. In contrast, through the use of extremely durable LED lamps in the signal lights of a car, a replacement is rarely necessary. This is true for the brake light as well as for the dashboard illumination. Should you still have an older vehicle with filament brake lights, it is urgently advised to replace them with a LED light source.
Electronics damages are also caused by corrosion. Damaged lines or the transitions from cable to connector are weak spots in which moisture can form and then lead to corrosion. The flow of electric current through the pipes is thereby challenging. A rust formation is noticeable as an increased resistance in the line, which can be registered by the engine control unit. Then, an error code is displayed, which gives accurate information about the defect. AutopartsPro.co.uk offers a wide range of vehicle electronic components with which you can fix most damages or raise the comfort and safety level of your vehicle electrical system significantly.

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