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No squeaking noises in the curve: The roller bearing in the strut bearing The strut bearing is the construction connecting the suspension strut to the bodywork. The shock-absorbing component of the strut is fixed to the inside of the fender with a simple bolt. Its spiral spring presses against the metal. Driving through a bend causes the entire spring to turn. To prevent the spring from grinding against the metal, a roller bearing is built into the strut bearing. This guarantees the required flexible motion of the spiral spring in radial direction. Roller bearing or ball bearing? A roller bearing is able to absorb wave-like forces working in the same direction. This is the case with the spiral spring of a suspension strut. The bearing prevents the spiral from pressing against the metal. Simultaneously it enables the spring to turn. The bearing consists of two bearing shells. In its centre, the balls or rollers are placed. A permanent lubrication for the bearing has been added in the construction facility. Defects of the strut bearing As all bearings the strut bearing is subject to wear over time. The play between bearing shells steadily increases. This causes a clicking sound during driving and can be felt when steering. A slight resistance when driving through a bend is an indication for strut bearing problems. However, it is very unlikely for a strut bearing to fail at an earlier moment than a shock absorber. Generally, bearings are replaced simultaneously with the shock absorbers. This prevents nasty surprises during driving. Careful with strut repair The suspension strut construction must be able to withstand high strain to ensure its optimal function during driving. Therefore it is very important to engage in repair only with the proper tools and knowledge. For disassembly of a suspension strut, the spring needs to be compressed. Cheap solutions are available. These tools, the so-called spring compressors, consist of a long threaded rod with two clamps. These are attached to the spring. By turning the rod, the clamps pull together compressing the spring. It is always important to compress the spring on both sides. It is absolutely forbidden to compress the spring with inappropriate tools: not only are lashing belts unsuitable, but their use in this area is even very dangerous! An uncontrollably snapping of a spring from a suspension strut can cause serious and even mortal injuries! Quality pays The roller bearing in the strut bearing is under constant strain. It must be able to withstand a permanent pressure of tons and at the same time impeccably allow turning movements. The typical changing conditions occurring during driving over bumpy roads are particularly stressful for the suspension bearing. It is therefore of no use trying to save on this part – on the contrary. Every extra euro invested in the suspension bearing repays itself by its longer life span. The life span of a suspension bearing strongly depends on the driving quality and the underground on which the car moves. Shock absorbers and bearings mostly wear down proportionally, and therefore simultaneous replacement is always worthwhile. Replacing bearings only? Principally it makes no sense to replace the strut bearings individually. Even though it costs a little extra, the entire strut construction should always be replaced in case of wear. The plastic casing of the strut bearing can develop fissures. The most expensive component of replacement is the time involved. Therefore, the complete replacement of all typical wear parts is always the safest and most sustainable way to re-establish a proper function. Except from the spring this concerns all parts, also the bolts connecting a suspension strut to the axle stub. Aging can cause hair fractures, causing the strut suddenly to break off. This can all be prevented if the entire unit is replaced professionally. OEM-quality in the shop In our shop you find all necessary parts for suspension repair. We offer OEM-quality ensuring maximum safety of your new suspension bearings.

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