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Your Radiator Hose (Coolant Hose) worn out? » Read more about common malfunctions • Repair • Replacement manual

Radiator hoses, of which there are several in the car, connect the separate components of the cooling circuit, transporting the coolant. If a hose ruptures, the engine heats up within a few minutes possibly causing severe engine damage. Immediate repair is therefore a must.

Where to find the coolant hoses

  • In the entire engine compartment within the cooling circuit, e.g. between pump and expansion tank or at the radiator inlet and outlet.

Why hoses and no pipes?

  • Hoses are considerably more flexible and can be used where there is little space.
  • Thanks to the use of modern materials, they are correspondingly robust, resisting heat and chemical stress.

What happens in case of a defect?

  • A defect often occurs gradually instead of suddenly. The engine loses a slowly increasing amount of coolant.
  • Subsequently, the check engine light for the engine temperature switches on. In that case the temperature has already exceeded its safety maximum.
  • If the cooling is no longer sufficient, the engine will quickly overheat with permanent engine damage or total loss as a consequence.

Possible causes

  • Repeatedly, rodents such as squirrels, martens, weasels (or racoons) are attracted by the engine temperature and affect cables and hoses.
  • Ageing processes of the materials can cause leaks, impairing the cooling performance.
  • Excessive mechanical stress (kink, accident) can also cause holes.

To the garage or DIY repair?

  • Installing water hoses in narrow spaces in the engine compartment should be left to a professional mechanic. These hoses can on no account be kinked. If the hose is easily accessible, a layman can perform the repair as well.

Rodents – the coolant hose's worst enemies?

Especially in the southern regions of German-speaking countries, martens as well as raccoons imported from America cause problems. In spring, when the mating season starts as well as in autumn, when temperatures start to fall, martens choose the engine compartment for a sleeping place. This is not a problem, as principally these are peaceful animals. If however another marten has already made the engine its territory, a turf war starts. The sleeping area is destroyed in the process and in addition to the water hoses, often rubber gaskets or even ignition cables are affected. Elsewhere this kind of damage can be caused by squirrels or weasels. If you have a recurring rodent problem, your hoses need regular replacement. Expelling the rodents is not easy, as products which are considered "animal-friendly" such as sprays and aromatic substances do not have the desired effect. Only electric protection with a live wire is considered a reliable method. Animal friends need not fear: the shock is painful, but causes no injury and is certainly not lethal.

Coolant hoses – a high-tech product

Coolant hoses are no longer simply made of silicon or plastic. Instead these are real high-tech products, perfectly tuned to the requirements of resistance, flow rate and cooling performance. They consist of different material mixes, such as EPDM or nitrile butadiene rubber and can have additional layers or mantles. Only this enables them to resist heat, erosion and chemical degradation by coolants and ozone.

Expected costs

Cheap water hoses last approximately 1 – 1.5 years, high-quality products up to 3 years although only the coolant hose showing damage should be replaced. Depending on length, type and manufacturer prices can vary considerably. The price spectrum stars at less than 10 EUR (c. £9), ending at ca. 30 EUR (c. £27). Quality coolant hoses actively prevent engine damage and premium products additionally increase the durability. To prevent you from compromising your wallet too much, take a look in our shop, where we offer these at permanent affordable prices.

Product suggestions:

  • Radiator Hose
    VAICO Radiator Hose V20-1317 at favorable price
    VAICO | V20-1317
    £ 34,44 -26% MSRP: £ 46,00 You save: 26%
  • Radiator Hose
    VAICO Radiator Hose V10-0070 at favorable price
    VAICO | V10-0070
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  • Radiator Hose
    VAICO Radiator Hose V10-2800 at favorable price
    VAICO | V10-2800
    £ 10,51 -30% MSRP: £ 15,00 You save: 30%
  • Radiator Hose
    FEBI BILSTEIN Radiator Hose 49252 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 49252
    £ 14,93 -26% MSRP: £ 20,00 You save: 26%
  • Coolant Tube
    FEBI BILSTEIN Coolant Tube 46998 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 46998
    £ 19,56 -28% MSRP: £ 27,00 You save: 28%
  • Radiator Hose
    FEBI BILSTEIN Radiator Hose 47770 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 47770
    £ 40,87 -26% MSRP: £ 55,00 You save: 26%
  • Radiator Hose
    FEBI BILSTEIN Radiator Hose 32599 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 32599
    £ 16,57 -28% MSRP: £ 23,00 You save: 28%
  • Seal Ring, coolant tube
    FEBI BILSTEIN Seal Ring, coolant tube 29752 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 29752
    £ 0,66 -34% MSRP: £ 1,00 You save: 34%
  • Radiator Hose
    FEBI BILSTEIN Radiator Hose 37135 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 37135
    £ 7,87 -29% MSRP: £ 11,00 You save: 29%
  • Radiator Hose
    MALÒ Radiator Hose 27059A at favorable price
    MALÒ | 27059A
    £ 18,73 -26% MSRP: £ 25,00 You save: 26%
  • Seal, coolant tube
    TOPRAN Seal, coolant tube 109 639 at favorable price
    TOPRAN | 109 639
    £ 0,60 -40% MSRP: £ 1,00 You save: 40%
  • Coolant Tube
    TOPRAN Coolant Tube 109 625 at favorable price
    TOPRAN | 109 625
    £ 6,32 -30% MSRP: £ 9,00 You save: 30%