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Distributor cap from MAPCO for VAUXHALL CORSA

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MAPCO Ignition distributor cap for VAUXHALL CORSA cheap onlineDistributor cap MAPCO VAUXHALL CORSA in original quality

Distributor cap MAPCO for all VAUXHALL CORSA car models

  • VAUXHALL Corsa Mk3 (D) Hatchback (S07) Distributor cap MAPCO Corsa Mk3 (D) Hatchback (S07)
  • VAUXHALL Corsa Mk2 (C) Hatchback (X01) Distributor cap MAPCO Corsa Mk2 (C) Hatchback (X01)
  • VAUXHALL Corsa Mk4 (E) Hatchback (X15) Distributor cap MAPCO Corsa Mk4 (E) Hatchback (X15)
  • VAUXHALL Corsa Mk1 (B) Hatchback (S93) Distributor cap MAPCO Corsa Mk1 (B) Hatchback (S93)
  • VAUXHALL Corsavan Mk2 (C) (X01) Distributor cap MAPCO Corsavan Mk2 (C) (X01)
  • VAUXHALL Corsavan Mk3 (D) (S07) Distributor cap MAPCO Corsavan Mk3 (D) (S07)
  • MAPCO Ignition distributor cap Corsavan Mk IV (E) Van (X15) Corsa Mk4 (E) Van (X15)
  • MAPCO Ignition distributor cap CORSAVAN Mk I (B) Corsavan Mk1 (B)
  • MAPCO Ignition distributor cap Corsa Mk5 (F) Corsa Mk5 (F)

Distributor cap from producer MAPCO for your VAUXHALL CORSABest producers of high-quality Distributor cap for VAUXHALL CORSA

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  • Distributor Cap MAPCO Specifications 80355
    MAPCO Ignition distributor cap VAUXHALL CORSA 80355 original parts online
    MAPCO | 80355
    £ 5,95 Condition:  new
  • Distributor Cap MAPCO Specifications 80354/2
    MAPCO Distributor cap VAUXHALL CORSA 80354/2 original parts online
    MAPCO | 80354/2
    £ 11,78 Condition:  new