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Fresh clutch, good car

Replacing a clutch is a complicated repair. It refreshes your car considerably, making driving an enjoyable experience again. Furthermore, a replaced clutch considerably increases the value of a car.

Nothing goes without a clutch

The clutch transmits the engine power to the gearbox. If this transmission is impaired, the car no longer drives properly. Although the engine generates a high rev, it only moves slowly and ultimately not at all. A defective clutch sooner or later totally disables a car. An intact clutch makes it operational again. Never economise on a clutch replacement and replace everything attached.

Always replace the entire clutch set

The clutch is a disc with lining. These linings gradually wear off until they are completely gone. The clutch can no longer disengage properly and the car drives slowly or not at all. The clutch set consists of more components than only the wear parts, such as:

  • flywheel
  • clutch disc
  • release bearing
  • clutch pressure plate
  • set of screws

This unit wears down relatively evenly. The clutch disc generally wears first, and soon the release bearing has reached the end of its life. One component follows the other. Therefore it is strongly recommended to replace the entire clutch set. You otherwise run the risk of having to disassemble the recently repaired clutch again.

DIY clutch repair

Old cars have the advantage that you can tinker on them at your heart's content. If the repair attempt goes wrong, you can simply scrap the car and replace it by another budget car. For the replacement of a clutch you should have gathered some experience. Principally it is not very difficult, although the car must be disassembled to a considerable degree. Inexperienced DIY'ers can easily strand with this project. Practice and experience can ripen anybody into a real clutch replacement pro.

Principally, the procedure is as follows:

  • Remove the left wheel
  • Unscrew the track rod and fold back the brake disc
  • Remove the drive shaft
  • Drain gear oil
  • Unscrew the gear
  • Unscrew the clutch cable
  • Separate the gearbox from the engine block
  • Remove the old clutch set
  • Install the new clutch set
  • Center the clutch plate
  • and ultimately assemble everything.

Two things should be considered: safety and wear parts

Safety comes first

For a clutch replacement the car must be jacked up. An average jack is not sufficient. Ideal is a lifting platform. At least, stable jack stands should be used to safely work under the car. You should never replace the clutch on your own. An assistant considerably simplifies the work and can get help in emergencies.

When everything has been taken apart

The replacement of a clutch set has a deep impact on the car's mechanism. Many parts must be unscrewed and disassembled. It is an excellent occasion for replacing all suspect parts. Track rods, ball joints, rubber buffers, axle sleeves – the list of removed part is simply too long. Therefore it is useful to look under the car a week on beforehand. With a preliminary check you know which parts have to be replaced. This will save you from the annoyance of re-installing an almost worn part or having to interrupt the work.

Considerable price differences for the clutch set

If you are looking for a new clutch set you will be surprised: the price differences are really considerable. We always recommend looking out for branded quality. Even though a new clutch set can cost you over 200 EUR (c. £180), your car will be grateful. Furthermore the modern dual-mass flywheels cause considerable price differences for clutch sets. The life expectancy of dual-mass flywheels is indicated as ca. 160.000 km. Nevertheless it makes no sense to replace the clutch set at 120.000 km and continue using the old dual-mass flywheel. The increase in value of the car compensates for the additional costs anyway.

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