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TRW Brake Rotors (Brake Discs)

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Would you like to buy top-quality Brake Rotors (Brake Discs) from TRW online? With us you can not only choose more than 2260 various items from TRW but also consult a team of responsive specialists as well as enjoy a great customer service. In our online shop you will find a large assortment of Brake Rotors (Brake Discs) items from well-known manufacturers such as TRW at wallet-friendly prices.

TRW – market leader for wear technology

The internationally acting manufacturer TRW is a market leader for aftermarket wear parts like brake and clutch parts. TRW is part of the LUCAS group. This guarantees OEM quality for TRW spare parts. TRW is one of the pioneers of the supplier sector and has been active on the market for over 100 years. Aside from the ISO 9001 certification, TRW also adheres to the special ISO 140001 classification for a certified environmental management. TRW also has passed the newest quality standard of the international automobile industry, the ISO/TS 16949, successfully.

TRW brake disc – a new alloy for more security

TRW has invested much for developing a new standard alloy for brake discs. The result is a material which is suited for any brake disc and additionally offers an improvement in security and durability. TRW discs have 30% longer service life comparing to similar products of their competition. A precision cut and floating installation additionally prevent any vibrations or fluttering during the braking process. This is extremely important especially for motorcycle drivers and leads to a definitive improvement of driving security.

Prices for a TRW brake disc are extremely moderate. A regular set for a middle class car starts at about 30 Euro. With these kind of prices, experiments like turning and planning of a brake disc with signs of wear are not advisable.

Increase durability by driving smartly

The longevity of a TRW brake disc can be increased significantly by driving intelligently. The most important thing is to avoid braking processes. By driving proactively and moderately, a lot can be done by the engine brakes instead. Switching to a lower gear slows down the car by itself and is sufficient in many situations so that you can avoid stepping on the brakes.

When washing the car with a high pressure unit, washing the TRW brake disc also makes sense. Abrasion and dust may mix together to form an abrasive paste, which may quickly lead to scoring on the highly burdened brake discs. You should watch out not to spray the brake pads however, since the sealing may get damaged by the high pressure water jet.

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