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BREMBO Brake Rotors (Brake Discs)

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Would you like to buy top-quality Brake Rotors (Brake Discs) from BREMBO online? With us you can not only choose more than 3085 various items from BREMBO but also consult a team of responsive specialists as well as enjoy a great customer service. In our online shop you will find a large assortment of Brake Rotors (Brake Discs) items from well-known manufacturers such as BREMBO at wallet-friendly prices.

Brake disc for the highest demands

BREMBO is a manufacturer of brake technology especially famous in motor sports. Re-fitting a car with BREMBO technology is a massive improvement. Normally performance enhancing measures of the engine are done at the same time as well. With BREMBO brake discs, each HP improvement on your car will stay controllable.

Brembo brake disc for any situation

When developing the BREMBO brake discs, the manufacturer followed the philosophy: “What can endure a race track, can endure anything”. With a BREMBO brake discs, the driver will always have the maximum technical safety of his brake system. The optic alone will let you know the high quality: the best mix of materials, intelligent perforation for reducing weight and a complex design for interior ventilation are the characteristics of a BREMBO brake disc. There are also smooth and comparably simple brake discs available, also made by BREMBO. The interior ventilation for dissipating the friction heat is also available for smaller models.

The high quality and construction effort have an impact on the price for BREMBO brake discs. Simpler models start at about 100 Euros per axle in regular sales, special offers excluded. For a high performance brake system, the price can easily reach the triple amount. Considering the performance of BREMBO brake systems, that price is well worth it though.

Always use Brembo brake discs with other Brembo products

It does not make much sense to use expensive BREMBO brake discs and then buy cheap no name products for brake calipers and pads. The components of a BREMBO brake system are all fine tuned to each other. If you decide for equipping your car with a BREMBO brake system, you should switch out every component of it. It is well worth it to get counseling by a specialist when mounting a BREMBO brake system in order to find out the fitting components for your engine performance. All in all, fitting a BREMBO brake is not a repair or maintenance measure but an improvement which will lead to an increase of value for your car.

Brake Rotors (Brake Discs) from branded manufacturers at adequate price

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    £ 33,62 -61% MSRP: £ 85,05 You save: 61%
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    £ 27,62
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    BREMBO | 09.8616.11
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    BREMBO | 08.5085.11
    £ 13,21
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    BREMBO Brake Disc 08.3126.11 order conveniently online
    BREMBO | 08.3126.11
    £ 18,64
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    BREMBO Brake Disc 09.5180.30 order conveniently online
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    £ 34,86
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