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ATE Brake Rotors (Brake Discs)

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Would you like to buy top-quality Brake Rotors (Brake Discs) from ATE online? With us you can not only choose more than 1764 various items from ATE but also consult a team of responsive specialists as well as enjoy a great customer service. In our online shop you will find a large assortment of Brake Rotors (Brake Discs) items from well-known manufacturers such as ATE at wallet-friendly prices.

Brakes are the most important car parts concerning traffic security, which have to be checked regularly in all of their components. Be it by accident, adverse weather conditions or simply the wear and tear of daily use, brake pads and discs lose quality little by little. The braking distance becomes longer and quickly results in a security risk. With ATE brake discs and fitting pads of the same brand, you decide for brand quality that combines the shortest brake distance with a low buying price.

Enhance security and driving comfort with ATE brake discs

All brake discs made by this manufacturer satisfy the ECE-R90 norm and in parts even surpass the required criteria by far. Even the standard brake discs of this brand are made of high quality OE materials and wear is reduced by the high carbon production. Additionally, ATE has coated brake discs in their assortment, the PowerDisc edition offers a sportive look and is optimal for cars in the higher HP range. Independent test reports praise the good corrosion protection and easy to check wear without needing to demount the brake discs. For the highest possible performance and a safe driving experience it is recommended to combine with the original or ceramic brake pads of the brand.

Order original brake discs by ATE at a low price-conscious

Depending on the car's manufacturer and production line, original ATE brake discs can already be bought at prices as low as 20 to 40 Euros. Especially when it concerns your own driving safety and using the highest possible dynamic of your car, you should invest in original parts by renowned brands like ATE. Our shop makes it easy for you to have access to this kind of brand quality by offering fair prices and a friendly service, while also offering pads and other spare parts in OEM quality!

Brake Rotors (Brake Discs) from branded manufacturers at adequate price

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    ATE Brake Disc 24.0120-0184.1 order conveniently online
    ATE | 24.0120-0184.1
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    ATE | 24.0122-0145.1
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    ATE Brake Disc 24.0122-0241.1 order conveniently online
    ATE | 24.0122-0241.1
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  • Brake Disc ATE
    ATE Brake Disc 24.0132-0131.1 order conveniently online
    ATE | 24.0132-0131.1
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    ATE | 24.0116-0124.1
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  • Brake Disc ATE
    ATE Brake Disc 24.0111-0119.1 order conveniently online
    ATE | 24.0111-0119.1
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  • Brake Disc ATE
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    ATE | 24.0122-0252.1
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  • Brake Disc ATE
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