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ABE Brake Rotors (Brake Discs)

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Would you like to buy top-quality Brake Rotors (Brake Discs) from ABE online? With us you can not only choose more than 1226 various items from ABE but also consult a team of responsive specialists as well as enjoy a great customer service. In our online shop you will find a large assortment of Brake Rotors (Brake Discs) items from well-known manufacturers such as ABE at wallet-friendly prices.

Low cost brake discs from ABE

ABE is short for “Auto Brake Engineering”. This manufacturer has specialized in producing especially low cost wear parts for all things motor vehicle. If you have to work with a limited budget but do not want to make any compromises in quality, ABE brake discs are the choice for you. Using used parts when working with brakes is absolutely not advisable. It is also unnecessary if you know about the low cost spare parts made by ABE.

ABE brake discs for every situation

As a supplier with their interesting pricing system, ABE is mainly of interest for small and middle class cars. ABE offers a wide variety of very robust brake discs, intended for many thousands of kilometers of safe driving. ABE additionally offers inside-ventilated brake discs, typical for cars with higher engine performance. Of course any ABE brake disc is adequately certified in order to be offered as a spare car part in Germany. Regular brake discs are available starting from 15 Euro in ABE's assortment. Inside-ventilated brake discs are about double the price because of the more complex manufacturing process. You can always look out for specials though. Many times you can even get inside-ventilated brake discs by ABE for bargain prices as low as 20 Euro or less.

Tips for installing ABE brake discs

When changing brake discs, changing the brake pads is obligatory as well. Considering the low cost for these spare parts, continued use of half worn down pads is not reasonable either. Additionally, wrongly fitted braking pads can also lead to premature wear and tear of the brake discs. When changing the brake discs you should also check the brake fluid – at the latest. If the fluid is not transparent any more but instead of a greenly and cloudy hue, it should be changed immediately. You can do this yourself, however a lot of experience is needed. At the repair shop you will normally pay about 100 Euro for this process, including materials. This is safely invested money. Once you have demounted the wheel and discs, you should also take a look at the brake lines. It should not be rusty anywhere at all, and when it is, an immediate change can safe your life.

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