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Fresh air for the engine and the surroundings – the air filter

Primarily, a car needs three things for its operation: an ignition spark, fuel and sufficient oxygen. The fuel is ignited in the combustion chamber by the spark plug setting off an explosion with help of the drawn air. The explosion presses down the piston causing the engine to run. To ensure that only clean air without alien particles reaches the combustion chamber the air needs filtering, which is the task of the air filter.

Construction and location of the air filter

The air filter is located in the inlet duct and is easy to identify; the filter element in most of the cars can be found in an accessible box, recognisable by the plastic hose sticking into it on one side and with an open end on the other side. The box can generally be opened without tools. Possibly, one single screw locks the cover which can easily be unscrewed and the cover opened. The air filter is under this cover. It is ring-shaped or rectangular, consisting of a rubber sealing lip connected to a fan-shaped paper block.

Function of air filter

The position of the air filter in the box enables air to run through it in only one way. Correct installation of the filter as well as the cover is therefore most important. The drawn air flows to the filter element where it is thoroughly cleaned. Pollen, dust, small leaves and anything else passing through the inlet duct remains in the air filter.

Regular replacement of the air filter

Gradual clogging of the air filter cannot be prevented. Clogging will never be so bad that the filter element becomes totally airtight. Nevertheless a worn air filter has a very unpleasant consequence: fuel consumption rises considerably. When a car uses twice or three times as much fuel as before, a clogged air filter could be the cause. Therefore it has to be replaced at regular intervals. Filter elements cannot be cleaned. A paper filter does not allow removal of stuck particles. In view of the cheap price for a new air filter, there is no need for this kind of solutions either.

Cheap quality for regular maintenance

The air filter is one of the most simple wear parts to replace. It always involves cleaning the air-filter box. If it is excessively greasy with oil, the car has a defect. Generally, an oil duct or gasket is leaking causing the engine to suck in air containing oil. This should be remedied as soon as possible. Otherwise the oil will immediately clog the new air filter as well. The price of an air filter element of adequate quality starts at 12 euro (£11). The ideal moment of an air filter change is spring. When you have come through the winter and the dirt of the whole year has collected in the air filter, a new filter restores the engine's top condition for the hot season.

Don't forget the interior

Several filtering components are installed for ventilation of the car interior as well. They stop pollen and other particles, guaranteeing clean air in the car at all times. Just like the engine air filters these filter elements must be replaced on a regular basis. This is just as easy and cheap as for the engine air filter. With new filters a car already meets one third of the MOT requirements.

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