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Air conditioner - Tips on check-up, common defects and replacement

When hearing the words "air conditioning" one most likely thinks only of a pleasant cooling in the car. An air conditioning system does however more: It keeps the air inside the car always dry. A working air conditioning is therefore useful also in winter because it keeps the windows free from frost inside. For a car that is used during all seasons, it is useful to install a heater as an addition to the interior cooling.

Pleasant driving with intact air conditioning

The air conditioning system of a vehicle is a rather complex technology. The core unit of the cooling is the compressor. The compressor is driven by a belt and it has the function to compress a refrigerant gas to the point where it becomes liquid. The liquid refrigerant then passes through a hose to the vaporizer. There, the coolant suddenly expands back, creating thus the desired cold. The cold is then transfered in the interior of the car with the help of a fan. Meanwhile, the cooled air passes through a filter and a dryer which filter it for moisture. When the car is parked, this process stops. Thus, it is perfectly normal to find leaking water drops under the vehicle floor during a hot weather.
A disadvantage of the interior cooling system is that the air conditioning compressor consumes much power from the engine. This is the reason why vehicles with interior cooling consume more fuel than vehicles without interior cooling.

Defects at the air conditioning

The air conditioning system is to be regularly checked by a specialist. A defect air conditioning manifests itself mainly through the absence of the cooling effect. Reason for it is usually that the refrigerant evaporates to soon. In this case it helps only to buy a new cooling system. A gradual loss of coolant liquid is natural and unavoidable. Nevertheless, you should always check the cooling system for leaks prior refilling. Both actions can be done only by a specialist. The cause for an unpleasant odor in the interior is most often a clogged filter. It helps to exchange and clean the cooling system. A defective air conditioning compressor can cause an internal abrasion.
Therefore, it is always very important to thoroughly flush all hoses of the cooling system when replacing any components at the air conditioning. Splinters from the old air compressor can damage the new one very fast. The replacement of the cooling system components is relatively easy. For environmental protection and security reasons you should empty the entire cooling system from residual coolant. This is particularly valid for vehicles made before 2011. For a short amount of time, cars used a refrigerant called R134a, which in contact with Oxygen causes a very aggressive acid. Vehicles build after 2011 may also have this refrigerant since it could have been added by the previous owner of the car as it has an excellent cooling performance while consuming less fuel than the conventional refrigerants. Therefore, you should always go to a specialist for the emptying and flushing of the cooling system before you can approach the replacement of components yourself. The drive belt is in contrast an easy-to-fix repair. An obtrusive squeal indicates a belt that is about to fail and it can be replaced in a few simple steps.

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You will find all the parts needed at the repair of your interior cooling system in our online shop. Especially the selection of the expensive components is very large: besides original manufacturer products, we also offer significantly cheaper alternatives that are just as efficient as the original parts. We rely on reliable partners that have convinced us personally of their products quality and loyalty. Besides high-quality compressors we also offer dryers, filters, belts as well as every other component that has a part in the cooling of the vehicle. Our product range is also ideal for older models, for which a repair with an original part would not be economically sensible. With our offers for air conditioning parts no one driver should ever miss the comfort of a refreshing cooling system in his vehicle.

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