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Brabus is a famous German tuning studio, which specializes in upgrading engines and bodies of such vehicles as Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Maybach. The company is also registered as a car manufacturer. Today it forms a part of Daimler AG holding.

4 interesting facts about Brabus

  • The studio was established in 1977 by German businessmen Klaus Brackman and Bodo Buschmann. The company name consists of the first letters of its founders surnames.
  • 1994 was one of the most successful years for the company; That year a tuned Mercedes-Benz engine was presented. The unit had a 6.9-litre V12 and 509 hp. The same year 530 hp engine was built on its basis.
  • International speed records were set repeatedly by upgraded Brabus cars. Rocket 800 model is a champion amongst sedans; its 370 km/h speed record was set in 2012. And GLK V12 is considered to be the fastest crossover: in 2009 it was able to accelerate to 322 km/h.
  • Exclusive high-quality Brabus spare parts, which are produced by the company, are known around the world. They are radiator grilles, forged wheels, fog lamps, door panels with brand logo and illumination, parking assisting systems and much more.

Features of Brabus cars

  • High efficiency. The engines, upgraded in the studio, differ by unique power. Rocket 900 model, for instance, after being equipped with the motor of 6.2 litres and 900 hp, is able to develop a top speed of 350 km/h. The improved aerodynamic body-kit and stainless steel exhaust system allow the cars to accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. All Brabus engines are exclusive: they are upgraded manually, and then, a mechanic who assembled the power unit, installs its name badge with his autograph on it.
  • Luxurious design. Only materials of the highest quality: soft leather, velour, precious woods are used for trimming cars interior. Door panels, steel door sills with the brand logo and lighting, aluminium pedals and many other custom-made parts show the car owner’s individuality. Moreover, the company produces for its clients the whole assortment of souvenirs, such as pens, tablet and smartphone cases, notebooks, etc.

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  • Seal, valve stem
    ELRING Seal, valve stem 403.730 at favorable price
    ELRING | 403.730
    £ 0,94 -15% £ 1,11* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Seal, automatic transm...
    ELRING Seal, automatic transmission oil pan 097.630 at favorable price
    ELRING | 097.630
    £ 9,01 -15% £ 10,60* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Brake Disc
    HELLA Brake Disc 8DD 355 125-361 at favorable price
    HELLA | 8DD 355 125-361
    £ 82,06 -50% £ 164,12* You save: 50% Condition:  brand new
  • Seal Set, valve stem
    ELRING Seal Set, valve stem 424.820 at favorable price
    ELRING | 424.820
    £ 16,09 -15% £ 18,93* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Gasket, wet sump
    ELRING Gasket, wet sump 593.970 at favorable price
    ELRING | 593.970
    £ 2,09 -15% £ 2,46* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Gasket, intake manifold
    ELRING Gasket, intake manifold 036.164 at favorable price
    ELRING | 036.164
    £ 7,52 -15% £ 8,85* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Engine Oil
    FEBI BILSTEIN Engine Oil 101141 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 101141
    £ 39,33 -15% £ 46,27* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Engine Oil
    FEBI BILSTEIN Engine Oil 101142 at favorable price
    FEBI BILSTEIN | 101142
    £ 48,62 -15% £ 57,20* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Brake Pad Set, disc brake
    TEXTAR Brake Pad Set, disc brake 2507103 at favorable price
    TEXTAR | 2507103
    £ 58,57 -15% £ 68,91* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Gasket, intake manifold
    ELRING Gasket, intake manifold 527.291 at favorable price
    ELRING | 527.291
    £ 7,90 -15% £ 9,29* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Sealing Substance
    ELRING Sealing Substance 461.681 at favorable price
    ELRING | 461.681
    £ 20,92 -15% £ 24,61* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Seal Set, valve stem
    CORTECO Seal Set, valve stem 19036019 at favorable price
    CORTECO | 19036019
    £ 5,26 -14% £ 6,12* You save: 14% Condition:  brand new