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Bentley, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG group, is a famous British manufacturer of luxury cars. The company is headquartered in Crewe, Great Britain.

5 interesting facts about Bentley

  • The company was founded in 1919 by a British engineer Walter Owen Bentley in Cricklewood. The brand gained worldwide popularity and public recognition after the victory of its cars in one of the most prestigious international championships – 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930 and 2003.
  • Bentley 8 Litre model produced in 1930 became one of the most expensive cars manufactured in Europe.
  • In 2007, Juha Kankkunen, the four-time world rally champion, set the world ice speed record behind the wheel of Continental GT Speed model equipped with Nokian Hakkapeliitta Sport Utility 5 winter tyres. He reached 321.6 km/h. In 2011 Kankkunen broke this record in a new model, Continental Supersports; car’s speed was 331 km/h.
  • Bentley S2 became one of the most famous cars of the brand. The car owned by John Lennon was used in advertisements for The Beatles album Yellow Submarine.
  • In 2015 the company presented a new model Bentayga which was the most expensive crossover in Europe at that time. The car was equipped with a 6 l engine and accelerated to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. The car had many assistance systems for the driver. Particularly, All-Terrain specification which allows selecting an optimal driving mode according to the road surface type made this car safe and comfortable to use.

Features of Bentley cars

  • Revolutionary technologies. All models have a multi-layered windscreen with an invisible conductive film for heating. An infotainment system with an 8-inch screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth makes handling easier and allows to control each car unit. Active Roll Control automatically adjusts main car parameters according to road conditions.
  • Powerful engines. The cars are able to accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds due to modern engines featuring great performance. The maximum speed of these cars can exceed 330 km/h. It is worth noting that these engines consume fuel quite efficiently nonetheless.
  • Exclusive design. The car owner can order a bespoke interior and exterior design. Almost every Bentley part can be selected individually: from seat trimming material to lighting elements.
  • A wide range of special products. In order to highlight the prestige of Bentley owners, the company makes stylish accessories for them, such as leather bags and ties.

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  • Brake Fluid
    ATE Brake Fluid 03.9901-5803.2 at favorable price
    ATE | 03.9901-5803.2
    £ 27,24 -15% £ 32,05* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Brake Fluid
    VALEO Brake Fluid 402402 at favorable price
    VALEO | 402402
    £ 4,48 -15% £ 5,27* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Spark Plug
    BOSCH Spark Plug 0 242 232 802 at favorable price
    BOSCH | 0 242 232 802
    £ 16,33 -15% £ 19,21* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Bellow Set, drive shaft
    AUTOFREN SEINSA Bellow Set, drive shaft D8000E at favorable price
    £ 7,30 -15% £ 8,59* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Engine Oil
    MOTUL Engine Oil 106377 at favorable price
    MOTUL | 106377
    £ 48,68 -15% £ 57,27* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Brake Fluid
    ATE Brake Fluid 03.9901-5801.2 at favorable price
    ATE | 03.9901-5801.2
    £ 9,57 -15% £ 11,26* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Spark Plug
    BOSCH Spark Plug 0 242 236 562 at favorable price
    BOSCH | 0 242 236 562
    £ 10,07 -15% £ 11,85* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Engine Oil
    ELF Engine Oil 2202840 at favorable price
    ELF | 2202840
    £ 24,06 -15% £ 28,31* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Antifreeze
    K2 Antifreeze T201C at favorable price
    K2 | T201C
    £ 4,66 -14% £ 5,42* You save: 14%
  • Engine Oil
    ELF Engine Oil 2198388 at favorable price
    ELF | 2198388
    £ 39,74 -15% £ 46,75* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new
  • Spark Plug
    BERU Spark Plug UPT2 at favorable price
    BERU | UPT2
    £ 5,19 -14% £ 6,03* You save: 14% Condition:  brand new
  • Engine Oil
    TOTAL Engine Oil 2198275 at favorable price
    TOTAL | 2198275
    £ 33,50 -15% £ 39,41* You save: 15% Condition:  brand new